Justin and the party explore the Abandoned Laine Village

The Abandoned Laine Village, also known as Warp Space is a dungeon in Grandia.

The village was once was the original settlement of the villagers of Laine. During the events of the game, Gaia attacked the village and transformed the entire area into a state of warped space.

In the area, houses serve as teleportation points, villagers are suspended in crystal above the ground and many monsters now inhabit the area. The deepest parts of the dungeon are further infected by Gaia and resemble the insides of Gaia itself.


Justin, Feena, Rapp and Milda travel to the Abandoned Laine Village in search for the Horn of Knowledge. While visiting Laine, the party talks to Dorlin and discovers that he has lost his horn, the source of his wise knowledge. Justin and friends set out to retrieve the horn for the old Laine settlement which has since been taken over by Gaia.

After passing through the warp puzzles in the old village, Justin and the party find the Horn of Knowledge guarded by a Gaia Battler. After defeating the Gaia mutant, Justin grabs the horn from the nearby chest and returns back to Laine.




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