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Action Cards in Grandia: Parallel Trippers permit the player characters to use certain abilities and attacks. A maximum of six Action Cards can be equipped by a single character at any given time with each character only available to select from certain types of cards.

Action Cards are generally split into two different classes, Magic attacks and physical attacks. These classes are broken down into twelve different categories, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Icarian for magic attacks and Sword, Mace, Axe, Projectile, Whip, Knife and Dark for physical attacks.

Every Action Card has a specific level with the higher the level, the more potent the Action Card. Each card is categorized as part of four ranks, cards between level 1 and 9 are bronze, the weakest of all cards. Level 11 to 29 are ranked silver, level 30 to 49 are ranked gold and level 50 Action Cards are considered platinum. Every Action Card also has an individual AP cost that must be consumed per each use, when a card reaches its maximum level, the AP cost is reduced by 50%.

A limited number of Action Cards can be carried at any given time, if a card is obtained when the limit has been reached, the newly obtained card will be automatically deleted.

Types of Action CardEdit

Using An Action CardEdit

When playing an Action Card on the battle gauge, the Action Cards AP is subtracted from the characters current AP. A card cannot be selected is the necessary AP is not available. Once an Action Card is selected, the card must be placed on an available slot on the battle gauge, which each number representing the number of turns the player must wait until the card is activated.

Gauge Bonus EffectsEdit

A variety of boosts are available if an Action Card is played further along the battle gauge, these boosts are specific to the type of card that is played by the character. These boosts are as follows;

Card Type Effect
Knife Counter
Sword Cancel
Axe Death
Mace Confuse
Whip Paralyse
Projectile Cancel
Fire M. Atk Increase
Wind Agi Increase
Water Heal
Earth Protect
Lightning Drain/Reflect
Blizzard Drain/Reflect
Forest Drain/Reflect
Explosion Drain/Reflect
Icarian Drain/Reflect
Dark Protect


Warp Points allow the ability of synthesizing two obtained Action Cards into a brand new card. This can upgrade the level of the Action Card or create a brand new card depending on what two cards are synthesized together.

Combo AttacksEdit

By placing two or three characters next to each on the battle gauge you can generate various combo attacks as a bonus when in battle. By triggering combo attacks, a player can deal extra damage, heal or inflict ailments on the foes. Special Combo Attacks can only be achieved by placing specific Action Cards in battle, these often deal heavy damage to the enemy.


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