The city of Alent in orbit around Earth

Alent is an ancient Icarian city which now orbits high above the planet in Grandia. It was once a thriving city but now is just home to Liete. Alent is the ancient city of wisdom only accessable via the elevator on Rainbow Mountain on the Eastern Elencia continent.


Liete tells Justin to go to Alent to find the answers he seeks - this is the event which compells Justin to go on his adventure. At first, Justin thought that Alent is a real city that can be found on map, since Liete told him to head east. When he finally reaches Alent and meets Liete, he realises that his journey is not over yet because he must stop the rise of Gaia. Liete joins the party and they fall back to Earth in a detachable piece of Alent, the Gondola.




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