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"An interpreter for the gods. Yes, I suppose I am…"

Alfina (whose full name is Alfina de Pamela) is a Communicator (a person who is able to summon beings from the Verse Realm) who is on a pilgrimage to the Arcriff Sanctuary.

She is a softspoken girl and the next in line for the Communicators after Emelious, her brother. She grew up in Arcriff, where she stayed until the age of six before being taken to live a very sheltered life in a quiet village high up in the mountains.

She seeks to find her brother, who has, for reasons unknown, abandoned his duties bitterly and disappeared. She seems to be pursued by different groups who, for varying wishes, either wish for her to halt her search or to capture her. Alfina happens to be the most emotional type of all of the characters and thus is quite similar to Elena of Grandia II. She uses a staff in battle, and is geared towards casting spells more than actual combat.

Alfina's special moves include Comet Spike, Stun Force, Ripple Shot, Holy Circle, Energy Drive and Armageddon, which she learns from Hect before taking on Xorn.


Alfina is being chased through the woods by a group of soldiers. She escapes from them but runs into Raven who urges her to reconsider returning to Arcriff. Alfina protests that her mind is made up just before Yuki and Miranda arrive. They think Raven is with the soldiers and attack him but he disappears.

Alfina faints and the pair take her back to Anfog. When she recovers, Yuki agrees to help her get back to Arcriff and the three of them set out to journey there.


Special Moves[]

Name Description Target Power SP Cost
Comet Spike Send forth a burst of comet light. Non-elemental. Cancels enemy attack. Single (ATK) ☆☆ 25
Stun Force Unleash a shocking flash of light. Non-elemental. Effect: Paralysis. Single (ATK) 30
Ripple Shot Create a ring of light to slice through enemies. Non-elemental. Line (ATK) ☆☆☆ 40
Holy Circle Draw forth protection from the spirit of light. A barrier to ward of enemies. Self (STR) - 60
Energy Drive Offer a prayer to bolster the courage of your allies. Recovers SP. All (REC) - 50
Armageddon Unleash Hect's flames of judgment. Non-elemental. Lowers all enemy attributes. All (ATK) ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 99

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