Alonso Clear
Alonso Portrait
Race Unknown
Age 28
Height 178cm
Weight Unknown
Home Unknown
Weapon Spear
Greatest Weapon Trident
English Voice Artist Bob Buchholz
Japanese Voice Artist Shingo Katsurayama
Grandia III Character

"The ship is perfectly safe, I guarantee it. I give you my word as a captain."

Alonso is a playable character in Grandia III. He is a sailor who travels the seas of the world in his own boat. On land, he is a gambler and a womaniser, but in the sea, his eyes regain their sparkle, and his soul burns with dependable passion. He claims to know Schmidt, but nobody believes him.


Alonso joins shortly after your first boss fight with Kornell and leaves when the party meets Schmidt.

Battle Edit

Alonso swings a long spear which is similar to a harpoon as a weapon. Therefore he has excellent reach when attacking. Alonso will be considered the powerhouse player before the party meets Ulf. So it goes without saying that Alonso's magic and MP are both on the lower side of the spectrum. Also, like Ulf, some of his critical hits are more prone to launching enemies for aerial strikes, so he's great exactly where he should be: on the front lines and dishing out punishment to the enemy party.


Alonso is a sea-goer through and through, as well as a serious gambler on the side (he even lost his own ship for a time due to his choice game of chance: Arrange Dice). His goal is to personally complete his own map of the world and he strongly encourages Yuki to follow his dreams of flying. Alonso's special moves include Thrust Crash and Lancer Smash.

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