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Anfog Village is a village that appears in Grandia III. It serves as the home place for the main protagonist, Yuki.


Anfog Village was the home of Yuki, and the place where Yuki and his best friend Rotts built aircraft to fulfill their dreams of flying. Yuki was supposed to become a potter here as his mother, Miranda, wished for, but Yuki wouldn't give up his dream and continued to build aircraft with Rotts here, until he finally created a (somewhat) successful plane and went away on his own adventure.

Places in the Village[]

Garage - the shed where Yuki and Rotts built their aircraft. It's located at the top of the north-western hill.

Rotts's house - as the name suggests, it's the place where Rotts lives. It's located next to the garage.

Miranda's house - the house where Yuki and his mother lived. A small interior garden grows inside. Yuki's room is upstairs, connected to the kitchen by a ladder, while Miranda's room is on the first floor.

Anfog Stores[]

General Store - Equipment[]

Item Stats Description Buy
Sword III.png Small Sword +7 ATK As the name suggests, a very small sword. 160 G
Armor III.png Leather Armor +7 DEF A lightweight suit of armor made from oiled leather. 120 G

General Store - Consumables[]

Item Range Description Buy
Herb III.png Healing Herb One Ally A plant with mild healing properties. Restores 300 HP. 4 G
Potion III.png Wound Salve One Ally Apply to wounds to promote healing. Restores 600 HP. 12 G
Potion III.png Revival Potion One Ally Brings an ally back from death's door. Revives one ally with 50% HP. 40 G
Bomb III.png Cherry Bomb One Ally Explodes when thrown. Non-elemental damage. Power: 160. 6 G

Magic Shop - Spells[]

Spell Power Range Description Buy
Fire III.png Burn! ☆☆ One Enemy Send a fireball at the enemy. Fire damage. 60 G
Earth III.png Diggin' - All Allies Call on the power of the earth for protection. +DEF and +RES (temporary). 100 G
Water III.png Crackle ☆☆☆ One Enemy Impale the enemy on spears of ice. Water damage. 400 G
Water III.png Heal One Ally Summon the mist of life to slightly heal an ally. Restores HP. 60 G
Wind III.png Howl Circle around Enemy Summon a strong wind. Wind damage. 80 G