Angelou city

The Ancient Icarian City shown to Justin by Liete in a vision

Angelou is the collective name for the ancient civilization and culture of the Icarians which was destroyed by the rise of Gaia when the humans stole the Spirit Stone.


Angelou was once a great growing empire where the Icarians, embodied by the Spirits' power, created vast cities and monuments. Angelou was a sacred civilisation shared with the humans by the Icarians - it was a time of peace and prosperity. However, as centuries passed, humans became envious of Icarian power and they decided to steal the Spirit Stone to create prosperity and wealth for themselves; they also stole some of the Icarian wings that signifies their challenge to the Spirits. these acts were against the law of nature- man cannot use the Spirit Stone and Icarian wings. As a result, Gaia, the embodiment of the humans' greed, was created and eventually destroyed the Angelou Civilization itself. Gaia will lie dormant and resurrect over and over again in cycles to repeat the course of history.


Now the great cities lie as ruins spread throughout the world. Justin encounters Liete in many of these ruins throughout his adventure. Monsters now inhabit most of the ruins which make them a challange to navigate even by the most skilled adventurer. Alent is the only Icarian structure which is still intact and, although slightly derelict, is inhabited solely by Liete who is its guardian. The final dungeon, although inside Gaia, is located in part of the last Icarian City Justin encounters and is the largest by far. The party must travel through the city to reach Gaia.

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