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A Nortis ship approaches the location of the Aqua Ruins

The Aqua Ruins are the centre of the Water Elemental Disorder. They are located in Tsunami Trough in the middle of the ocean.

Jaid is a mandatory party member for the first visit to the Aqua Ruins.


Some time before Evann and his team were put together to investigate the Elemental Disorder, Jaid served in Arcadia's forces as a knight. He swore an oath to a noble lady that he would protect her but, during his absence whilst fighting in the war, the lady perished as a result of the Water Elemental Disorder, having been killed pursuing Jaid to the front lines by boat. Jaid believes he can regain some honour by defeating this Disorder with his own hands and therefore insists that he joins Evann on this mission.

The party reach Tsunami Trough by means of a Nortis ship and are lowered into the sea in a cage. In order to breath underwater, they all consume the Aeolus Seed provided by the Hazman people. However, during their descent, the ship above is toppled by the strong storm and waves and the chain is severed. The cage falls to the sea floor and the party must walk along the sea bed on foot to the ruins. The party reach an ocean cave and find a temple within. At the heart of this temple is an Energy Conversion Room, which is whipping up the water into a great whirlpool. Within this whirlpool is the guardian of the temple, a giant squid-like creature called the Deava.

Underneath this room is the Spiritual Atrium containing a crystallised elemental beast and the Water Slab.