Icarian Statue

The Curator showing Justin the Icarian Statue

The Baal Museum is a Museum located near the Train Station in Parm. It focuses on the ancient Angelou civilisation as the Museum Curator is an expert on this subject. It is named after General Baal of the Garlyle Forces because he also has a great interest in Angelou.


Justin is a friend of the curator and often goes to ask him questions about Angelou and the Icarians. On one visit, Justin leaves his Spirit Stone with the curator but he cannot perform a chemical analysis because the stone is too hard to take a sample. When Justin returns to pick it up, the curator gives Justin a Letter of Introduction which will allow him access into the Sult Ruins which are being excavated by the Garlyle Forces. Unfortunately, on the same visit, Justin also breaks an Icarian Statue which had been recently restored by the Curator - this causes Justin to steer clear of the Museum for a while.