Ulf, Yuki and Alfina in central Baccula

Baccula is a location in Grandia III. Baccula is a tent settlement in the middle of the Baccularn Desert. It is home to Dahna, who is the current leader of the settlement after her lover, Raven, left. The residents of Baccula are very spiritual and are well known for fortune telling and using magic cards. The ram guardian Yoat is worshipped in Baccula.

Baccula StoresEdit

The stores in Baccula sell different sets of items after completing the first disk. In these tables, blue rows are exclusive to Disc 1, and red rows are exclusive to Disc 2. If the row is white, that item can be found at the store regardless of the active disc.

General Store - EquipmentEdit

Item Stats Description Buy
Exclusive to Disc 1 Exclusive to Disc 2 Purchasable in either disc
Sword III Bastard Sword +32 ATK A general-purpose sword that can be used in either hand. 2400 G
Sword III Burning Blade +32 ATK Flames envelop this blade. Fire-based. Use weapon: Cause fire damage. 2400 G
Sword III Lightning Sword +32 ATK Crackles with lightning. Wind-based. Use weapon: Cause wind damage. 2400 G
Staff III Battle Rod +54 ATK Adorned with a large iron spike. 2700 G
Staff III Staff of Sorcery +24 ATK, +20 MAG Can aid in a magic user's studies. 2160 G
Flail III Heavy Flail +38 ATK A flail that has been modified for use in battle. 2540 G
Sword III Mithril Sword +60 ATK This greatsword is made of a silvery-white metal. 8000 G
Staff III Thunder Staff +48 ATK, +40 MAG A thunder lizard's tail. Wind-based. Use weapon: Cause wind damage. 8800 G
Flail III Morningstar +68 ATK An iron ball and chain. 8500 G
Cards III Sun Cards +40 ATK, +48 MAG These cards use the sun's power to boost magic abilities. 7000 G
Light Armor III Silver Armor +30 DEF A suit of armor decorated with a beautiful silver inlay design. 1550 G
Cloak III Cotton Doublet +24 DEF, +24 RES A doublet made of thick cotton cloth. 1680 G
Armor III Mithril Mail +60 DEF A set of armor made from a silvery-white metal. 6400 G
Robe III Silverthread Robe +56 DEF, +28 RES A robe woven from magical silver thread. 5200 G
Shoes III Silver Leggings +6 INI, +6 MOV Made of silver, these leggings are a bit expensive. 1100 G
Boots III Wing Boots +18 MOV Magic exudes from these beautiful winged boots. 960 G
Shoes III Mithril Leggings +10 INI, +10 MOV These leggings are made of a silvery-white metal. 3600 G
Ring III Power Ring +10 ATK This ring fills anyone who wears it with fighting power. 1200 G
Ring III Endurance Ring +10 DEF This ring makes the wearer tougher. 1200 G
Ring III Magic Ring +10 MAG This ring is inscribed with magic runes. 1200 G
Ring III Mental Ring +10 RES Helps the wearer maintain his composure. 1200 G
Ring III Mithril Ring - This ring has an understated simple beauty. Prevents poison and paralysis. 1600 G
Charm III Confusion Amulet - This amulet keeps the bearer's mind focused. Prevents confusion. 1200 G
Charm III Sickness Amulet - This purifying amulet keeps the bearer healthy. Prevents sickness. 2000 G
Gem III Revival Gem - Imbued with holy power. Upon death, the bearer will be resurrected, consuming the gem. 1000 G

General Store - ConsumablesEdit

Item Range Description Buy
Exclusive to Disc 1 Exclusive to Disc 2 Purchasable in either disc
Potion III Holy Salve One Ally A holy healing elixir. Restores 900 HP. 36 G
Bag III Cure Powder All Allies A curative powder that heals nearby allies. Restores 750 HP. 90 G
Potion III Revival Potion One Ally Brings an ally back from death's door. Revives one ally with 50% HP. 40 G
Potion III Rez Potion One Ally A potion that greatly heals anyone who drinks it. Restores 1800 HP. 320 G
Gem III Healing Gem All Allies A gemstone that soothes everyone nearby. Restores 1500 HP. 800 G
Potion III Revival Elixir One Ally This elixir awakens the will to fight. Revives one ally with 100% HP. 240 G
Herb III Antidote One Ally A medicinal herb that counteracts the effects of poison. Cures poison. 40 G
Potion III Smelling Salts One Ally Emits a strong scent that brings people to their senses. Cures confusion. 24 G
Gem III Phoenix Stone One Enemy Summons the power of the phoenix. Casts Burnstrike. 42 G
Gem III Quake Stone All Enemies Causes an earthquake when thrown to the ground. Casts Tremor. 42 G
Gem III Storm Stone Line through Enemy Summons the power of the wind. Casts Howlslash. 24 G
Bomb III Dynamite Circle around Enemy Hand-made explosive. Non-elemental damage. Power: 1200. 240 G

Magic Shop - SpellsEdit

Spell Power Range Description Buy
Exclusive to Disc 1 Exclusive to Disc 2 Purchasable in either disc
Fire III BOOM! ☆☆ Line through Enemy Send forth a fiery wall of force. Fire damage. 480 G
Earth III Cure - One Ally Purify with the power of nature. Cures poison and paralysis. 240 G
Earth III Halvah - One Ally Restores a balance with nature. Cures poison, sleep, paralysis, confusion, silence, and sickness. 1200 G
Earth III Resurrect - One Ally Summon the water of life to restore the will to fight. Resurrects a dead ally. 400 G
Water III Crackle ☆☆☆ One Enemy Impale the enemy on spears of ice. Water damage. 400 G
Water III Healer ☆☆☆ One Ally Summon the mist of benevolence to heal an ally. Restores HP. 240 G
Wind III Zap! ☆☆ Circle around Enemy Fill the air with electricity. Wind damage. Effect: Paralysis. 480 G
Wind III Zap All ☆☆☆☆ Fan through Enemy Zap enemies with 10,000 volts. Wind damage. Effect: Paralysis. 1500 G

Skill Shop - SkillsEdit

Skill Skill Level Description Buy
Exclusive to Disc 1 Exclusive to Disc 2 Purchasable in either disc
Mind III Guru's Way 1 Taught to all magic users. +MAG and +RES. 100 G
Mind III Water Mastery 2 Master of water magic. Reduces MP cost of water spells. 1500 G
Mind III Wind Mastery 2 Master of wind magic. Reduces MP cost of wind spells. 1500 G
Mind III Endurance 2 Increases inner strength. Negates damage for minor attacks. 240 G
Technique III Perception 1 Tones reflexes. Increases dodge rate. 60 G
Technique III Counter 1 Increases alertness. Gives chance for counter-attacks. 80 G
Technique III Demon Hunter 2 By a legendary paladin. Increases damage to demons and undead. 240 G
Body III Warrior's Way 1 Known by any warrior. +ATK and +DEF. 100 G
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