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Liam48D Liam48D 2 April 2020

Merry April Fools!

Merry April Fools' Day! It's apparently been some three and a half years since my first edit here, and since then I just keep coming back. That said, I apparently only made two edits in 2019, which... whaaaat??? Dear time travelers: please pester past me to work on the wiki more. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Anyway, I want to do better this year. I tweaked the styling of all tables today (just better margin), and on Grandia III's side of the wiki, replaced the old "Grandia III Characters" template with the more extensive "Grandia3" one on most pages, and added it to whatever (non-empty) pages were missing a table altogether. So navigating the III wiki should be a fair bit more fluid now.

I also wrote content for Rotts and Miranda's pages, …

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Orc King Orc King 24 September 2019

Grandia HD Remaster Bugs/Issues

Below is a list of bugs encountered so far in the Switch versions of the Grandia HD Remaster. Please feel free to message me with corrections or additions. I have tried to include screen shots where possible

  • Boss battle music plays twice, overlays over itself
  • (English Language) In Sult Ruins, when Mio throws away letter, she should say “Bye Bye” but instead uses different audio
  • Widescreen causes some characters to stop & disappear before moving out of frame
  • Sprite discolouration errors when performing certain moves such as “Fight Cheer”
  • Graphical issues with certain spells
  • Sprite graphics occasionally tear, especially on larger models such as Gadwin
  • Music and sound issues on Pirate Island – music switches to Disk 2 battle theme after the first fi…

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Orc King Orc King 8 September 2019

GRANDIA HD Remaster Review

When re-examining the HD remaster of Grandia and its sequel, it makes me consider the wide array of re-releases we have seen in recent years. Some publishers set out to re-build the game from scratch with a modern engine and/or a re-imagining of the world’s visual style, while others decide to simply increase the resolution and touch up the in-game models with perhaps only a few alterations to the actual gameplay. Grandia HD Collection certainly sits in the latter category: it is a remaster, not a remake and, for these two games, that is more than enough.

For those not familiar with the original games, the Grandia titles are mostly well known for their unique battle system, which plays loose with the standard turn-based nature of most RPGs …

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Liam48D Liam48D 2 July 2018

Grandia III damage formulas

I've been poking around with Grandia III's debug mode a bit, looking for damage formulas. (Formulae?) So far I've only focused on spells, and through testing, I've found this to be the general magic formula (tested on Burn!, Crackle, and Hellburner):

Damage = (Spell-specific base quantity) + 4.5 * (Caster's MAG) - 3.0 * (Target's RES)

You also have to apply the damage ratio multiplier and the general randomness modifier. The damage ratio is that "X%" you see beside the orb. It's significant in spells like Crackle and Galactic Bang, where damage is dealt to the target multiple times, increasing their chain multiplier each time. The game also has some RNG; I'm not totally sure what the rules are on this (probably something like +/- 5%), but it…

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Liam48D Liam48D 8 April 2018

To access Grandia III's debug mode...

This doesn't really fit a wiki page, but it's still useful information, so as a blog post...

I assume you are already emulating Grandia III, and are using PCSX2 to do so. This section of my guide is not, for the most part, going to be helpful to you if you aren't.

Inside your PCSX2 folder (the one with "memcards" and such), create a folder called "cheats". Inside it, create a file called "5B657DAD.pnach"; this is the file that contains the actual cheat code. Paste this into the file:

probably refer to magic power and resistance, or MAG and RES, respectively, but I haven't actually tested them. Sway WT refers to the chance a character has at dodging; the Excise Sigma, for example, has a Sway WT of 0.30, which means a 30% chance at dodging att…
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Orc King Orc King 16 January 2018

Interactive maps deactivated!

A while ago (my last blog post actually) I was excited to announce the activation of the Wikia Interactive Maps feature that allowed us to create maps for game areas and pin points of interest. It was quite a good way to highlight a whole town or area and show all the points of interest in a more accessible format than a static map file.

Well... that feature turned out to be too expensive to run with the limited popularity Wikia found it had. An understandable decision on their part but it did remove all those maps from the wiki with nothing left in their place. I will try to find all pages with an empty "Interactive Map" section and remove it but please feel free to do this yourselves if you find one. I placed one on many of the Grandia to…

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Orc King Orc King 3 December 2014

Interactive maps activated

A new feature I have recently come across on Fallout Wiki is the ability to create maps for places that do not exist in the real world (i.e. Fictional World Maps such as the map for Big MT I saw on Fallout Wiki). You can then add interactive annotations much the same way that you would see shops and train stations on Google Maps.

I remembered that there were some scans for some of the original Grandia locations from the game manual and Prima Guide so I activated the feature and made a map using the scan and the new creation kit on the Wikia site. The result was not too bad. It is only a small area but it brings the old paper scan into the modern age quite nicely. I will display the result below:

19:44, December 3, 2014 (UTC)
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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 14 October 2014

Grandia Nominated in Wikia's Ultimate JRPG Battle

Hello there, JRPG Fans!

Wikia is hosting an exciting tournament featuring Japanese role-playing games. The best titles of the genre are squaring off across 15 categories to separate the best from the best! Categories include Best Story, Best Cast of Characters, Best Soundtrack, and a whole lot more. Users can vote in these polls to determine the winners. This exciting battle is being brought to you by Mistwalker Corporation's new mobile strategy JRPG, Terra Battle

We are stopping by to spread the word! Grandia has been nominated in the category Best Overworld Map.


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King Peke King Peke 5 May 2014

Grandia Wiki

Hello to all Grandia Wiki contributors.

Just wanted to send out a quick shout out saying I love the work that has been done to this wiki and I'm hoping to try to add as much information as possible to these articles to buff them up. I've started by working in the original Grandia but I plan on making my way around to Grandia II, 3, Xtreme and Parallel Trippers. I've started to give the wiki a bit more colour but I'm still learning as this is my first ever wiki I've edited.

Once again, thanks to all that have contributed so far, and will do in the future.

All the best.

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Orc King Orc King 13 April 2014

The management of Grandia Wiki

Hello again to all contributors, browsers and vandals,

I would like to start by thanking many of you that continue to chomp away at the editing on the wiki - adding little details or busting little errors. It is all positive work so I thank you. I apologise that I have made few edits recently but I assure you that I do check up on the wiki regularly, even if I am but a shadow.

As I have indicated in the past, my intention as an administrator for this wiki is to keep it on the right track and to maintain its dignity (if you will). I apologise to those of you who have come to me in the past about changing certain elements of the wiki only to have me (I hope politely) decline. So much of the internet today is plagued by those who spread excessi…

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Drakodan Drakodan 14 March 2014

Grandia ReDux

My main contribution to this website will be to help keep the ReDux page up to date. Just a headsup.

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Lee.lahiffe Lee.lahiffe 22 December 2013

Grandia playthrough

Hey there!

I've been doing a runthrough of Grandia on my psp with an emulator. i'm currently on around 90 hours since i am trying to have a badass OP runthrough since i never have before.

At the moment i have just finished the Tower Of Temptation with Justin, Feena, Rapp and Liete. I am just training in the Luzet Mountains since i've found that the leveling is pretty easy here. Currently, my levels and stuff are:

Justin (lvl 38):

  • Sword lvl 37
  • Mace lvl 41
  • Axe lvl 39
  • Fire lvl 37
  • Wind lvl 39
  • Water lvl 32
  • Earth lvl 36

Feena (lvl 37):

  • Knife lvl 33
  • Whip lvl 36
  • Fire lvl 35
  • Wind lvl 39
  • Water lvl 32
  • Earth lvl 37

Rapp (lvl 34):

  • Knife lvl 36
  • Sword lvl 35
  • Bow lvl 36
  • Fire lvl 32
  • Wind lvl 28
  • Water lvl 24
  • Earth lvl 26

Liete (lvl 33):

  • Mace lvl 24
  • Fire lvl 29
  • Wind lvl 31
  • Water lvl 23
  • Ea…

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Orc King Orc King 1 April 2013

Grandia HD Collection

Exciting news for all us Grandia fans – Game Arts are releasing an “HD Classics Trilogy” game compiling Grandia II, Grandia Xtreme and Grandia III onto one blu-ray disk. All three games will be remastered in high definition. The games have been upscaled to 1080p and 720p to look crystal clear on your HDTV.

Some of you may be asking where the original game is – this has not been remastered but Game Arts is currently hoping to provide the original for free as a digital download from the Playstation Store to all owners of the Grandia Trilogy. Finally, we can add Grandia to our PS3 collection – it is also promised that the Game will be released in all regions so those who never played Grandia Xtreme or Grandia III will finally have the chance. …

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Orc King Orc King 29 November 2012

The Grandia Meme

Well, this thing has been floating about the internet for a number of years. If I am not mistaken, it was started by one of our friends over at Grandipedia. I started drawing on it a while ago but I just got around to finishing and scanning the images. I'm not a brilliant artist by any means so I wasn't going to ruin what I already had by trying to colour these pictures in. However, the pencil didn't scan very well but I'm sure you can work out what each one is. So, here it is, my contribution to the Grandia Meme:

If you want to do your own, the blank image is here.

All the best.

Orc King 17:41, November 29, 2012 (UTC)

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Yuna467 Yuna467 23 November 2012


What is up, everyone? Welcome to another blog post by Yuna467! Well, for me yesterday, it was thanksgiving - a time to give thanks for all that we have in our lives. Well, what was I thankful for you ask?

I am thankful to have the opportunity to be at all of the wikis I edit and making new friends at each and every wiki. I am thankful for my new friends, my iPad, family, and my friends offline, and everything else.

Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

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Orc King Orc King 17 October 2012

Halloween and me

Hello all you adventurers, Geo-hounds, Rangers and pilots,

You may have noticed the change to the Grandia Wiki skin. Fear not (pun definitely intended), for it is only for the month of October as part of the Wikia Halloween Skin Contest. Please do tell me what you think of it below.

I was unsure whether to actually participate in this contest as I have never celebrated Halloween - I have never really felt it a worthwhile exploit as it is is mainly used by many as a chance to muck about and bring misfortune upon others.

I could go on about how Halloween (or All Hallows' Eve) was originally a Christian time of reflection and prayer before celebration and feasting on All Saints' Day and the "Evil Spirits" part actually derives from Pagan traditi…

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Yuna467 Yuna467 6 October 2012


Um... hi, you guys. I am Yuna467, and it is a grand honor to be here! I am very well knowledgeable in Grandia II, and I have replayed it so much, I practically know all of the lines, and details I haven't noticed before. And the game is starting to mess up, too...

Edit(17:30, October 6, 2012 (UTC): And I forgot to say that I am an avid fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and I spend a lot of time of the Final Fantasy Wiki.

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Cykus Cykus 9 August 2012

Which is the best Grandia?

Hey everybody!! Post which Grandia game you like the most and 3 reasons why. There is no reason for me posting this; I was bored.

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Orc King Orc King 12 May 2012

The Future of Grandia

Well hello again, valuable visitors and contributors, Has it really been so long since I wrote a blog post? Well, here I am now to assure you that I am still here with my watchful eye over the wiki - adding pages here and there...rolling back edits I don't like... yeah, life is good.

As time rolls on, I am often drawn to the thought of Grandia in the future. While Game Arts have announced they have no immediate plans to continue the series, it is still interesting to ponder what, if anything, they will do next.

Grandia Online is still in Open Beta (What is that now? Its third year of open Beta?) and it seems unlikely to make the leap from Japan to the rest of the world. While an online Grandia title has some appeal, I personally feel this is…

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Orc King Orc King 5 July 2011

Not so lonely & Grandia ReDux

Well, I'm sure those of you that read my last blog post are aware, about a month ago Grandia Wiki was very quiet to say the least with only me pottering round making a few changes here and there. You probably also know that this is no longer the case.

The contact with Grandipedia was a great start in spreading our roots and being recognised on an international scale (In fact, I was rather flattered when the owner of Grandipedia recognised me just by my user name)!

We have also seen the return of some of our valued Grandia Wiki editors, namely Samoth, Boomerang Flash and Goo Rayder. This is exactly what I was hoping for to re-ignite the wiki. Thank you all for the edits you've been making. I look at them all so be careful!

On another note, som…

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Boomerang Flash Boomerang Flash 5 July 2011

Just thought I'd try this out.

Greetings, all.

I'm a fan of the Grandia series, along with many other established RPG series like Wild ARMs, Suikoden, Tales, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Shin Megami Tensei, and others. Grandia is by far my favorite game of all time, with Mother 3 and Xenogears following. Not just a fan of RPGs, my favorite action games are Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Er... I'm currently playing Tales of Vesperia (PS3 version), and I'm going for the platinum. I'm 95% done that damn collector's book. The Monster Book is next... oh god.

I'm also playing inFamous, which I must say I'm having more fun with it than I imagined I would. Currently taking the Hero path. I'm so good. :)

And uh... it's summer. I graduated from high school a co…

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Orc King Orc King 11 June 2011

The lonely pages of Grandia Wiki

When I took over Grandia Wiki a few years ago it was because it was in great need of help. Only a few pages had been made and it was visually boring. I can hardly say that my time since then has been nothing but work on the site but I'm proud to say that I have made it a much more acceptable wiki.

I feel that I have been fairly good at managing the wiki so far but I simply cannot write all these articles myself. Now, there have been a few visitors to the wiki - some have stayed a while and worked on an area of interest. Some merely notice a missing letter and do a quick fix but no one has really stayed with me this whole time.

Now, I am by no means a super wiki God - I don't code or do all the little fiddly things. Anything complicated I hav…

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Confessor91 Confessor91 1 June 2010

Grandia Wikianswers

Hello wonderful peoples!!! Recently I noticed that there was no Wikianswers for ANY of the Grandia games, so I decided I'd take it upon myself to create one!
I really do hope that you wonderful people will help me with this by asking lots of questions...and if somebody could create a banner, that'd be great! Hope you visit it!!! Here's the link:
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Confessor91 Confessor91 1 June 2010

Pt I-Grandia Answers:New P

Hello wonderful peoples!!! Recently I noticed that there was no Wikianswers for ANY of the Grandia games, so I decided I'd take it upon myself to create one!

I really do hope that you wonderful people will help me with this by asking lots of questions...and if somebody could create a banner, that'd be great!
Hope you visit it!!! Here's the link:

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