View of the Granas Church in Carbo

Carbo is a small village surrounded by forest. It is home to Elena and the other sisters of Granas as well as Father Carius. After the player decides to cross the Granacliffs on the Skyway, the player will not be able to come back to this location.


Granas Church - The local church of Granas run by Father Carius. Songstress Elena comes here to sing.

Inn - A place for weary travellers or impatient Geohounds.

General Store - A place to buy and sell weapons, armour and other items. There is also a man inside who offers combat advice.

Carbo General StoreEdit


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Sword II Falx +22 ATK A scyte-shaped curved sword 500 G
Sword II Shamshir +26 ATK Lion's tale-shaped curved sword 620 G


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Cloth Armor II Cuir Bouilli +12 DEF Boiled leather armor 500 G
Light Armor II Leather Armor +17 DEF Tanned leather armor 750 G
Shoe II Climbing Boots +6 MOV +2 DEF Sturdy Shoes 200 G


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Sack II Heavy Stone +5 DEF -5 MOV Nulls knock-back 120 G


Item Range Description Buy
Leaf II Medicinal Herb One Ally Restores 200 HP 10 G
Tonic II Wound Salve One Ally Restores 400 HP 24 G
Leaf II Poison Antidote One Ally Cures poison 14 G
Tonic II Paralysis Salve One Ally Cures paralysis 14 G
Tonic II Eye Drops One Ally Awakens sleeping character 14 G


Item Range Description Buy
Mushroom II Mushroom Cloud One Foe Power: 400 Fire-based attack 20 G
Mushroom II Goblin Toadstool One Foe Power: 250 Poison effect bomb 30 G


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