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"Bad boy... Here's your punishment!"

Carmyne (カーマイン) is a soldier in the Nortis Army. She is a beautiful woman who is easily angered if she does not get her way and has a habit of disobeying the rules.

Appearance and Personality[]

Carmyne has long, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. She is fairly pale and wears a distinctive red lipstick that coordinates with the colours of her uniform. Her red military tunic has a long coattail (this seems to be the standard style for female soldiers in the Nortis Army, as Diene's is similar), with gold and paler red detailing. She wears this over a red bodice, a grey shirt and trousers, and brown ankle boots. She also wears a red belt around her waist and a small bracelet with a woven apperance on her wrist. Her saber has a static design and is a thin steel blade with a slight curve.

The opposite of Brandol, Carmyne is more of a carefree spirit, and prefers choice to the military's orders. She is often shown to be rather vain, constantly stating how beautiful she is, and sometimes asks Evann about what accessories would look good on her. Although she is enlisted in the Nortis army, she does not like taking orders, especially ones that contradict her own personal morals. Though they have been friends for a long time, Brandol's loudmouthed behaviour often conflicts with her impatience, and she will lose her temper with him if she thinks that he's complaining too much. Her flippancy can sometimes cause him annoyance as well. She is regularly disrespectful to Diene, both to her face and behind her back, which highlights her willingness to disregard the military's chain of command if she wishes to. She also has a short term romantic interest in Kroitz (which is neither recopricated nor acknowledged), but discards this when he betrays the military.

She holds the rank of First Sgt. and has seen a great deal of combat over the years. Early on, she states that she's never seen something as horrible as the Elemental Disorder take so many lives, not even the battles she's participated in.


Carmyne had an impoverished upbringing and lost her parents when she was young. She is the eldest of many siblings and had to take care of them and raise them in the absence of her parents. Though it is unknown what happened to the others, at least one of her brothers also passed away. It is also unknown at what point she enlisted in the military, but as she fought in the war against Arcada she has been a soldier for a reasonable amount of time.

As a veteran from the Nortis Army, she is tasked with helping Evann in his assignment to investigate the Elemental Disorder. She and Brandol first accompany him to the Land Ruins, where they aid him in getting to the Spiritual Atrium in order to receive the mission briefing from Kroitz and Specto. She stays with the team from here on out.


In battle, Carmyne is a fast, agile fighter who deals damage with swift slashes of her army saber. While not as strong as Brandol, she's physically the most powerful among the female party members. She can equip four Skill Books and two Mana Eggs, making for a diverse fighter who can function as a backup mage when necessary. She shares these slots with Titto, who is also a fast physical attacker. Her magic power is better than Brandol's, but she's about average at spellcasting. She has a good blend of moves, with one that grants the Regenera effect to the entire party. This skill alone can help the party save on spending their magic points haphazardly on healing spells throughout the entire game. Her initial move not only cancels, but hits in a line, allowing Carmyne to cancel multiple foes' attacks or spells at once. She also has a decent number of combination moves with the other girls, so she's worth having along during any dungeon excursion. As befitting her military training, Carmyne shares some of the middleweight gear in Xtreme with Evann, Brandol and Ulk, so she has an excellent defense game going most of the time.


  • Sonic Sable - Carmyne raises her sword up and then hits the ground, sending out a wave of energy in a straight line that damages all enemies in its path. Cancel effect
  • Smash - Carmyne runs up to her target and performs an upward rising slash to strike them.
  • Shock Wave - Carmyne's blade gleams with energy which she then uses to hurl a disc of force at her targeted enemy. After the disc passes, the area around the target erupts with power hitting all nearby enemies as well.
  • Holy Breath - Carmyne goes into her spellcasting pose as she emits a beautiful and shimmering wave of power that bestows Regenera on herself and all of her allies, allowing them to heal up slowly. Regenera effect
  • Rosette Slash - Carmyne readies her saber, which begins to emit rose petals. She dashes at her target and slashes them while jumping back. She then finishes up with a final rush in which she skewers right through the enemy, causing a massive burst of rose petals to come storming out from the impact.


  • Sword Dance, Carmyne + Evann - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Combination Alpha, Carmyne + Brandol - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Ifrit Slash, Carmyne + Jaid - Jaid charges Carmyne's sword with fire power, which she then uses to slice an enemy. Fire elemental damage and cancel effect.
  • Rush Thrust, Carmyne + Ulk - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Ice Prison, Carmyne + Myam - Multiple hit melee combo with a cancel effect. Ice elemental damage.
  • Sacred Beam, Carmyne + Lutina - Carmyne and Lutina charge beams of light energy that cause a shockwave across the battlefield. Damages all enemy targets.
  • Divine Dragon Slash, Carmyne + Evann + Brandol - Similar to Sky Dragon Slash, the three Nortis charge their swords and stab the ground with them, emitting powerful energy that damages all enemy targets.
  • Triple Blaze Slash, Carmyne + Evann + Jaid - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Fire elemental damage.
  • Jet Storm, Carmyne + Evann + Myam - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Wind elemental damage.
  • Fast Dance Whirl, Carmyne + Evann + Lutina - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Star Twinkle, Carmyne + Myam + Lutina - Similar to Liete's Star Symphony, Carmyne, Myam and Lutina use the power of the stars to raise the entire party's stats.
  • Quadruple Combo, Carmyne + Evann + Brandol + Ulk - Powerful multiple hit combo.

Carmyne and Titto do not share any Feats whatsoever.

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