Dahna Clear
Dahna Portrait
Race Bacculan
Age 23
Height 170cm
Weight Unknown
Home Baccula
Weapon Cards
Greatest Weapon Sublime Cards
English Voice Artist Jessica Straus
Japanese Voice Artist Sayaka Yoshino
Grandia III Character
"If you the power of love, there will always be hope for the future."

A 23-year-old who has been the leader of her village ever since her love, Raven, mysteriously disappeared. Since then, she has grown cynical, scoffing feelings of love. Some view her as harsh and cold-hearted, but those that follow her know that she is really a compassionate person. She believes that cards have an influence or reflection of life, and uses them to attack and cast magic. Much like Alfina, she prefers to cast spells more than actually fight, but the fact she can throw her cards at enemies from anywhere on the field gives her the advantage of distance. However, to balance this, she has the lowest Move rating of any character, meaning changing her position to another part of the field is difficult unless augmented with magic or equipment.


A fortune-telling woman who brings a settling atmosphere. She serves the village in place of her sweetheart, who disappeared 2 years ago. Dahna is upbeat in public, but her heart is secretly bound in the sorrow of losing her sweetheart. Being serious, her sense of responsibility is strong, proven by the fact that she takes often care of her younger sister, but Dahna now fiercely believes in not feeling too deeply about others. Proud of her fortune-telling, she owns strange cards which are worked by the power of her spirit.


Special MovesEdit

Name Description Target Power SP Cost
Homing Shot Fire a barrage of curse cards. Non-elemental. Cancels enemy attack. Single (ATK) ☆☆ 25
Mana Capture Convert life force to mana. Non-elemental. Absorbs MP. Circle (ATK) 40
Dancing Cards Summon cards of light for protection. They will execute counter-attacks. Self (STR) - 25
Mana Spring Summon an eternal mana spring. MP consumption is reduced to 0. Self (STR) - 75
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