Darlin is a non-player character and one of the three Wise men of Laine from Grandia. Darlin is Milda's Husband and is extremely knowledgeable about Alent and the ancient civilization of Angelou.

Other AppearancesEdit

Grandia Parallel TrippersEdit

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Darlin PT
Darlin makes an appearance as a playable character in Grandia Parallel Trippers and is recruited inside the World Edge zone. He can wield sword, mace and axe based skills just like his partner Milda. He also has the power to possess Fire and Earth magic as well as Monster skills, in addition, Darlin has access to the selection of Explosion spells.

Non-Grandia AppearancesEdit

Picotto KnightsEdit

Wise Men PK

Darlin appears as a playable cocoroid in the Game Arts developed, online action RPG, Picotto Knights on PlayStation Vita. Darlin and the other Grandia characters are available to download as additional content within the game.

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