Dight gate

The gated entrance area to Dight Village

Dight Village is a port town in the Lost World of Grandia. It is the home of Gadwin, Dr. Alma and the Dight Elder.

Location Edit

The village is along the eastern coast of Elencia.

History Edit

Dight is a village deeply rooted in chivalry, warriorhood, and legend. A long time ago, it was rumored that Dragons roamed Eastern Elencia. A particular dragon passed away and a village was built around its remants. Since then, the people often referred to themselves as the people of the Dragon. The citizens are characterized as general humanoids with no particular defining qualities except only having honorable personalities. Due to the town's location by sea, most of the people are fishers and hunters by trade.

Most houses and huts are decorated with dragon-like bones, skulls or fish heads. Some paths are layered with bones as well. At the beach is the Dragon's Nest, where the Heroic Spear from Typhoon Tower must be brought to in order to stop the acid rain, probably caused by the Tower itself.



Item Abbreviation Description Buy
Charm Disease Charm DISE CHRM +3 plague resistance 750 G
Leaf Cholla Flowers CHOLLA Restores 3 level 1 MP to 1 friend 400 G
Cherry Bamo Fruit BAM FRUIT Restores 4 level 2 MP to 1 friend 600 G
Steak Squid Guts SQUID GUT Restores 20 SP to 1 friend 400 G
Mushroom Move Mushroom MOVE SHRM +3 action for a range of friends 200 G
Mushroom Power Mushroom POWR SHRM +3 attack level for 1 friend 200 G
Leaf Poison Antidote ANTIDOTE Cures poisoning of 1 friend 100 G
Tonic Resurrect Potion RESU POTN Revives 1 fallen friend 1000 G
Tonic Panacea PANACEA Restores status of 1 friend 800 G
Tonic Vaccine VACCINE Cures plague of 1 friend 50 G
Scroll Mikeroma Scroll MIKEROMA Restores 50 HP to entire party 450 G
Bomb Dynamite DYNAMITE 70 HP fire range damage 280 G


Weapon Abbreviation Stats Description Buy
Sword Swordfish Blade FSH SWORD +29 attack The sword of a swordfish 4500 G
Axe Dragon Bone Ax DRAGON AX +38 attack -10 move Heavy 10000 G
Staff Fire Rod FIRE ROD +25 attack Attribute: fire 2900 G
Whip Gale Whip GALE WHIP +27 attack [Runner] Attribute: wind 3300 G
Bow Flying Fish Bow FISH BOW +25 attack Flying fish-shaped bow 3000 G


Armor Abbreviation Stats Description Buy
Armor Swordfish Armor FSH ARMOR +12 defense Swordfish scale armor 2100 G
Armor Skull Armor SKL ARMOR +15 defense Made of bone 3300 G
Shield Seashell Shield SE SHIELD +8 defense Shield made of seashells 960 G
Helm Pearl Helmet PERL HELM +7 defense A pretty helmet 700 G
Boot Dragon Boots DRGN BOOT +4 defense +5 move Fits nicely 640 G
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