Elencia as seen on a map

Elencia (commonly known as the New Continent) is a large continent where the majority of disc 1 of Grandia takes place. It was discovered by explorers from Parm in Messina whom settled there and created New Parm as a trading post between the two continents.

The Elencia continent is split in two by a huge wall known as The End of the World because there appears to be nothing beyond it. However, beyond the wall lies a region uncharted by explorers from Western Elencia. This Eastern Elencia region (or the Lost World) is home to many humanoid species.

Elencia seems to have been the home of the ancient Angelou civilization, shown by the fact that the majority of the ruins left by the Icarians are found in the continent. Moreover, being a newly-discovered continent, Elencia is undoubtedly a frontier region where adventurers thrive.


Western Elencia (New World/Continent)Edit

Eastern Elencia (Lost World)Edit


  • The westernmost land mass of Elencia is separated from the rest by the Sea of Mermaids but is still considered part of Elencia and the Lost World. This may be because it was once connected together, which is evidenced by the shape of the two coastlines on the map.


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