Meeting elmo

Meeting Elmo in the Birthplace of the Gods

Elmo is an Automata, the Guardian of the Birthplace of the Gods in Grandia II.


At the Birthplace of the Gods, Elmo narrates the story of the past to the heroes:

When the world was still young and yawned at every new dawn's waking, Granas came. All was bathed in the light of heaven.

Thus, those were the days of marvels for the power of creation was given unto man. Prayer became formed. Thought became matter, springing from the minds of men. Many wonders were worked in those days. The people grew prosperous. All that they could desire was given to them.

Soon, they lost their ambition, their passions. They ceased to dream. Still, the worship of Granas grew in strength and number. All were compelled to pray without ceasing; so may have been the intent of Granas.

The few remaining people who sensed danger in this course, found power to resist Granas. They found power in Valmar; power to release the energy bound up in life; power drawn from the people themselves; power to unmake the world. Thus, in those days, they made war.

Granas, destroyed, and Valmar's body, lost. And now, the destruction in men's hearts knows no bounds. It grows with every passing day: a colliding of darkness and light. And then, a bitter rain.

Elmo also explains what the 'seals' of Granas are: devices to prepare a human body to host part of Valmar. They take the soul of the host and add it to the core of Valmar, allowing full possession to take place and the body to be reformed.


Elmo's Narration

Elmo's Narration

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