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Emelious (whose full name is Emelious de Pamela) is the older brother of Alfina and former Communicator. Was brought up at the Arcriff Sanctuary with Alfina, where he received an education from commutes, but suddenly disappeared three years prior to the events of Grandia III. When they meet again, Alfina's kind older brother is no more, the kindness instead being replaced with cold-heartedness. The large sword he possesses is known as the "Godkiller" and is swung like a guillotine, destroying anything that gets in its path. Emelious' large body is covered in pure white armour, giving him a dangerous and overpowering aura.


Emelious is Alfina's brother, and the one meant to be the next Communicator. He ran away from his duties and attained the power of Xorn in order to destroy the guardians. Fueled by the incompleteness he feels after the communicator's seal was split between him and his sister (which is the only reason why he couldn't get full hold of Xorn's powers) he decided to pursue Alfina to bring full host to the banished guardian.

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