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"We chose this path. We just have to keep going and make the best out of it!"

Evann (エヴァン) is the main character of Grandia Xtreme. A brash young man who is easy to aggravate, he is an inexperienced Ranger hired by the Nortis Army to undertake a mission on their behalf. following the death of his father, Evann has dedicated himself to his training. However, being as lacking in experience as he is, and without his father's guidance to help him, he is often unsure of his abilities.

Rangers are unique in that they have the ability to calm the natural elements in the area, which is why the army approaches him.

Appearance and Personality[]

Evann has blue hair that he wears in a short braid, with his bangs spiked up by headgear. He has a thick browline and, though he is shorter than most of the other male characters, has a slightly stocky build. His eye colour varies depending on different references; it is a greyish-gold colour in his portaits, green on his in-game model and blue in the official art. He wears a blue jacket with gold detailing over a white shirt with red ribbons on the sleeves, blue overall-like pants that are held up by a red belt over brown leggings, and green and brown boots with gold detailing. He also wears a pendant with a green crystal around his neck. His sword has a static appearance and is a blue blade with a gold crossguard and pale green gems.

Evann is a hot-tempered young man, who is mouthy and quick to fly off the handle if something bothers him. Although his skills as a Ranger are limited, he strives to improve upon himself. When younger he often disregarded his training in favour of bunking off with his friends, but following the death of his father he began to take his job seriously. He has little to no regard for the military, or their intentions, but sees the disturbances as a threat to everyone. Like Ryudo from Grandia II he has a tendency to be sarcastic and deadpan, though he isn't nearly as cynical and, unless provoked, he is generally very friendly.

Viewing all of his companions as necessary, he holds no ill will towards any of them. In spite of his short temper he is incredibly good with people and is an excellent leader, virtues he doesn't seem to realise he has. Initially he tries to stay out of any arguments between other party members but as the story progresses he grows to become a mediator who can diffuse these situations. Evann is sometimes considered dimwitted and immature by his team members, but these are exaggerations and they use them to annoy him more than anything.


Born at least 18 years before the start of the story, Evann was raised by his father as a Ranger. When younger, he would neglect his training in order to hang around with other boys from his home area, including Pike. At some point in their childhood, Evann and Kroitz crossed paths and became adversaries. It is not known exactly what the cause of this rift between them was, if any. Though its probable they haven't been in contact for years, as Kroitz left at some stage to join the army, Evann still continues to despise him regardless. The death of his father was a wake-up call for Evann, who began to take his training seriously afterwards. It is not known what happened to Evann's mother, as she is never mentioned once, but it is assumed she passed away as well, likely before his father.

Though rather inexperienced, Evann is still a very talented and capable young man. One day, the Nortis Army approaches him, as there have been many elemental disturbances on the continent, and they are concerned about what might happen to the country, and the world. Because of his abilities as a Ranger, Evann is asked to assist them with the disturbances. Evann initally ignores their attempts at contacting him, but is forced to agree when one of the mission's commanders, Diene, shows up at his house with her men. They capture Evann and bring him to their outpost at Locca, where he is begrudingly forced to agree to their terms for the time being.

The Nortis Army believe that many of the disturbances are occuring because of something happening inside of the ancient ruins located around the area. Heading to the first ruin, the Nortis Army gives him two of their veterans, Brandol and Carmyne, to assist him in any way they can. Much to Evann's annoyance the head of the outfit turns out to be Kroitz, who has climbed the ranks of the military and become Colonel. He still distrusts Kroitz, a concern that is brushed aside by his military teammates. Despite this, he agrees to the mission as he acknowledges its importance. The Nortis Army agree that it is in their best interest to collaborate with the other nations of the continent. Evann is assigned the role of point man, heading inside each of the other ruins to counteract the disturbance within. He is given more teammates to work with, each of them coming from different backgrounds.


In battle, Evann uses a sword to attack up close. Being the main character of the story, he is more of an all-around combatant. All of his stats are equal, although his strength is slightly higher. He is the third best magic user in the game, behind Jaid and Myam, and makes a competent attacking mage as well as a healer. His defense is also strong and he is able to equip many of the medium-tier armors. At the very beginning of the game he can prove to be a bit slow in terms of both SPD and ACT, but these stats will catch up quickly. He possesses the most Feats in the game (since he can never be removed from the team, he is the key figure in most of them). He has a two-hit cancel move, a radial move (which relies on his magic strength to do damage), a line attack, plus the famous Invincible Aura and Sky Dragon Slash abilities (the latter being the only single all-target technique among the playable cast), making his skills the most balanced of all the characters. Two of these are Bolt elemental and many of his combination moves with others involve this attribute. He can equip three Mana Eggs and three Skill Books, further reflecting his all-around stats. He shares this 3:3 slot allocation with Lutina. Evann is required to be in the party at all times, so he will likely have the highest level, however he also has the slowest level growth of any party member.


  • X Slash - Evann runs up to the enemy and attacks with an upward slash diagonally, then completes the X on the downstroke. Cancel effect
  • Spark Volt - Evann channels lightning energy into his blade and then stabs it into the ground, sending out a potent electrical charge in a wide circle around him to damage enemies. Bolt elemental; dependent on Evann's magic rating for damage
  • Thunder Split - Evann focuses lighnting energy into himself and tosses his sword, sending it flying away off screen. A moment after, a burst of lightning damages everything in a straight line. Bolt elemental
  • Invincible Aura - Evann channels his fighting spirit and stabs his sword into the ground, creating a powerful barrier that protects him from all damage for a while. This effect can be replicated with the Crystal Wall spell but it's not as potent. Temporary invincibility; can be broken by a powerful attack or spell
  • Sky Dragon Slash - Evann tosses his sword into the air, which levitates with shimmering energy. He then jumps up to reclaim it and jams it into the ground below, causing the entire battlefield to erupt with tremendous power and damage all enemies.


  • Volt Slash, Evann + Brandol - Evann charges Brandol's sword with Bolt damage, which he uses to stab the ground and emit an effect similar to Sky Dragon Slash. Hits all enemies and can cause Paralysis.
  • Sword Dance, Evann + Carmyne - Multiple hit melee combo with a cancel effect.
  • Cross Break, Evann + Jaid - Melee combo with a cancel effect.
  • Shiva Slash, Evann + Titto - Evann charges Titto's knife with Bolt damage. He then soumersaults in the air and brings this blade and the magic effect down on an enemy. Cancel effect and Paralysis infliction.
  • Lightning Split, Evann + Ulk - Evann charges Ulk's axe with Bolt damage, which he uses for a five hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Swallow Smash, Evann + Myam - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Double Dragon, Evann + Lutina - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Divine Dragon Slash, Evann + Brandol + Carmyne - Similar to Sky Dragon Slash, the three Nortis charge their swords and stab the ground with them, emitting powerful energy that damages all enemy targets.
  • Explosion Smash, Evann + Brandol + Jaid - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Bomb elemental damage.
  • Dancing Sword Slash, Evann + Brandol + Titto - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Tri-Crush, Evann + Brandol + Ulk - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Tripler, Evann + Brandol + Myam - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Triple Blaze Slash, Evann + Carmyne + Jaid - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Fire elemental damage.
  • Jet Storm, Evann + Carmyne + Myam - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Wind elemental damage.
  • Fast Dance Whirl, Evann + Carmyne + Lutina - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Phoenix Formation, Evann + Jaid + Titto - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Fire elemental damage.
  • Big Bang Hammer, Evann + Jaid + Ulk - Jaid charges Evann and Ulk's with Fire elemental damage. They smash into the ground, causing a massive shockwave that damages all enemy targets.
  • Delta Formation, Evann + Jaid + Lutina - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Purple Lightning, Evann + Titto + Ulk - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Bolt elemental damage.
  • Binding Force, Evann + Titto + Myam - Evann, Titto and Myam surround a target with a triangle of energy, casting a Binder effect.
  • Photon Shower, Evann + Titto + Lutina - Damages all enemy targets.
  • Southern Cross, Evann + Ulk + Myam - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Blizzard elemental damage.
  • Rapid Fire, Evann + Myam + Lutina - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Quadruple Combo, Evann + Brandol + Carmyne + Ulk - Powerful multiple hit combo.
  • Gatling Spike, Evann + Titto + Myam + Lutina - Powerful multiple hit combo.


  • Evann's English voice is provided by Dean Cain, known for his role as Clark Kent in the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman TV series. This has been his first and only role as an anime character in a JRPG.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Shinichiro Miki, is one of the most prolific and well known seiyuus to date, ranking third for casting credits on Anime News Network. He is most notable for his role as Kojirou ("James") from the Pokémon anime series. Miki is a friend and bandmate of Kroitz's Japanese voice actor, Takehito Koyasu.



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