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The volcano under which the ruins are located

The Flame Ruins are the centre of the Fire Elemental Disorder. They are located in a volcano in the centre of the Inferno Pit.

Brandol is a mandatory party member for the first visit to the Flame Ruins.


Evann and his team must breach the volcano in order to neutralise the Elemental Disorder. However, the Disorder has made the volcano highly active and lava flows and unstable ground make it hard for the Nortis Army to reach the centre. While the tanks can travel on the hard bedrock, they are set back when a massive eruption begins raining fire down upon them. Evann describes the Disorder, witnessing it for the first time, as the "Spirits crying".

Seeing a strange light in the sky above the volcano, Evann pursues it; he sees the light fly into a rock and disappear. Realising its the Spirits directing him to the ruins' entrance, he tells Brandol to use his tank's artillery to blow a hole through the rock. This opens up the way forward. Once he and the other party members are in a safe position at this entrance, Evann questions why he was able to see the Spirits.

The Spiritual Atrium of the Flame Ruins resides at the volcano's core. Within the atrium lies the Flame slab as well as a giant crystallised Elemental Beast in the form of a dragon.


The boss of the Flame Ruins is the Mother Crustacean, accompanied by several Baby Crustaceans which can also be found earlier in the level. She is located in the Hall of Flame.