Gaia Dungeon

Justin and the party explore inside Gaia.

Gaia is a location and final dungeon in Grandia. Gaia establishes itself in the middle of the Luzet Mountains on the East Elencia continent. It is composed of several levels, each one a deeper level of Gaia's internal structures with the final being the core in which the Spirit Stone is housed.

There are many creatures inside Gaia that have absorbed its power and mutated. These creatures often guard important features that must be activated to advance further.


After leaving the Icarian City, Justin, Feena, Rapp, Liete and Colonel Mullen approach an opening to the inside of Gaia. Mullen shortly leaves to help defeat Gaia from the sky while the party enter the ancient beast.

While exploring inside, the party first battle the Gaia mutated Trent in order to access the upper level of Gaia's body. After passing through the many tubes inside Gaia, the party then defeat the Gaia Armor to gain access to the inner core of Gaia.

Before accessing the core, the party is stopped by the final Gaia manifestation of General Baal who unsuccessfully attempts to stop the party from destroying the core. Once Baal is defeated the party make their way to the core and manage to defeat it.

Once the core is dispatched, Rapp and Liete decide to leave Justin and Feena to enter the Spirit Stone chamber alone. Once in the chamber Justin drives his sword into the Spirit Stone once again splitting it and destroying Gaia for good.