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Garlan Village Inn with the door ajar

Garlan (ガーラン) is a small village of swordsmen built around the ideal of Justice symbolised the the Sword Idol on Grail Mountain. It is the former home of Ryudo and Melfice who were raised by the Village Chief - It is here that they learned their sword skills.


Inn - Normally a friendly place unless the innkeeper has something against you.

General Store - A good shop for buying battle gear, especially strong swords.

Village Chief's House - A large house in the centre of town - the Chief must have moved here after the brothers left.

Ryudo's Former House - This house, now boarded up, was where the two brother swordsmen grew up.

Garlan General Store[]


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Sword II.png Fine Broadsword +70 ATK Forged by a craftsman 4500 G
Sword II.png Sword of Mikage +77 ATK Prized 1st-class katana 6900 G
Staff II.png Silver Flail +82 ATK -5 MOV 6800 G
Crossbow II.png Dread Bow +85 ATK 7400 G


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Dress II.png Mithril Dress +40 DEF 8000 G
Heavy Armor II.png Warrior Mail +45 DEF 8500 G
Bandana II.png Mercury Bandana +26 DEF +10 MOV Makes you run faster 3200 G
Helm II.png Battle Helm +30 DEF A combat helmet 3400 G
Boot II.png Warrior Leggings +10 DEF +10 MOV 1400 G


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Talisman +15 ATK Poison/paralysis resis. 1500 G
Crescent Jade +15 DEF Sleep/confusion resis. 1500 G


Item Range Description Buy
Tonic II.png Holy Wound Salve One Ally Restores 800 HP 60 G
Apple II.png Healing Fruit One Ally Restores 1200 HP 100 G
Scroll II.png Scroll of Alheal All Allies Restores 500 HP 120 G
Leaf II.png Healing Incense All Allies Restores 1000 HP 400 G
Leaf II.png Poison Antidote One Ally Cures poison 14 G
Tonic II.png Paralysis Salve One Ally Cures paralysis 14 G
Leaf II.png Purifying Herb One Ally Cures poison and paralysis 40 G
Leaf II.png Torte's Reedpipe Some Allies Awakens sleeping characters 30 G
Tonic II.png Smelling Salts One Ally Cures confusion 20 G
Scroll II.png Move Blessing One Ally Release move blocks 50 G
Scroll II.png Magic Blessing One Ally Release magic blocks 50 G
Tonic II.png Yomi's Elixir One Ally Revives a fallen character 500 G


Item Range Description Buy
Apple II.png Grail Fruit One Ally Restores 50 MP 120 G
Bomb II.png Makibishi Some Foes Power: 600 -1 MOV level 150 G
Bomb II.png Dynamite Some Foes Power: 1000 240 G
Harp II.png Silence Lute Some Foes Magic block effect Chance of breaking 250 G