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Garlyle Forces Logo

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The Garlyle Forces are a private army under the command of General Baal in Grandia. The Garlyle Forces are stationed on all continents in Grandia. In Parm, several soldiers are posted to perform local security duties but most soldiers in the game are there to aid in the exploits of the Garlyle Forces. Officially Garlyle is the private security force of the Joule Foundation.

Members of the Garlyle Forces train at a Military academy but ranks within the military are assigned based on skill and achievement in the field.

Garlyle Bases of OperationEdit

Members Edit

Garlyle SoldiersEdit

All soldiers, regardless of rank or speciality, own swords or similar blade weapons. It also seems as if each soldier is able to use at least one magic spell. The Garlyle soldiers can undertake many different duties, from combat to policing. Their uniforms are therefore adapted to be appropriate in a range of circumstances.


Garlyle Soldier

Low ranking soldiers wear a brown-beige uniform. Knee-length boots provide protection against rough ground and weather. The uniform itself seems to be composed of four pieces; trousers, a shirt, jacket and a helmet. Maybe also of a black undershirt. The jacket is clipped together at the top and further hold in place by a sword-belt. A small pouch that is worn over the shoulder is also secured under the belt to prevent the soldier from loosing it. The helmet is long enough to protect the neck of a blow with a weapon or to provide shelter from hot sun rays or unfriendly weather. Vambraces protect the arms. The actual badges of rank are on a "bracelet" on the left arm.

Military Strength & EquipmentEdit

The Garlyle Forces are far more technologically advanced than other organizations and peoples. This is undoubtedly due to their use of Icarian technology, which is known to be far more advanced than the technology of present civilizations. This adaptation of Icarian technology is most obvious in the Garlyle airships - the Grandeur and Lyonlot. The Garlyle Forces are seen using tanks, radio communication, visual screens, holograms, fighter planes and airships.

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