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St. Heim Cathedral pointing to the Heavens

The Cathedral in St. Heim Papal State is set atop a huge mountain overlooking all of St.Heim. It is the largest church to Granas and is therefore an important religious place for the followers of Granas. It is home to the Pope Zera Innocentius and the high priestess Selene.


Ryudo's job is to safely navigate Elena to the cathedral so the Pope can help rid her of the Wings of Valmar. However, the Pope cannot help but instead sends them out on a mission to find the Granasaber to aid Valmar's defeat.

After Valmar was revived, the cathedral, along with the town of St. Heim, was destroyed.


Library - A place that houses ancient texts that are read by the clergy.

Audience Chamber - Where Pope Zera holds sermons

Pope's Room - A private area where the pope rests

Guest room - Where guests of the Cathedral may stay

Forbidden Room - An area that is sealed off at the first visit to Granas Cathedral; contains an ancient record of the true Battle of Good and Evil