Artwork depicting the Granasaber

The Granasabers were once used as giant vessels in the fight against Valmar. They were giant sword-shaped ships, capable of travelling outside the planet's atmosphere. During The Battle of Good and Evil, Granas is said to have struck Valmar with a Granasaber, splitting him into pieces. This Granasaber is said to be the only one remaining today.


The last Granasaber was located at the Goss Forest at the seal of the Body of Valmar, and the party used that to travel to St. Heim Papal State. The party decide to use it again to travel to Valmar's Moon to rescue Elena from Zera. After their visit to the moon, the Granasaber lost control and crashed near Cyrum.

As a weaponEdit

A miniaturised version of a Granasaber is granted to Ryudo after he overcomes his internal battle with the Horns of Valmar. He uses it to strike back at the dark god. It is an equip-able weapon and can be used in combat.

As a sword, the Granasaber grants +150 ATK and cuts SP consumption by 15%.

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