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Grandia Digital Museum is a spin-off title produced for the Sega Saturn. It is set in the same universe as the original Grandia and includes characters and settings from first game. The game is not a sequel to the original but more of an expansion - featuring much of the same material found on the original title.


Justin, Sue and Feena are summoned by Liete to a giant museum that she has created. However, many of the exhibits have gone missing and it is up to Justin, Sue and Feena to find and restore each exhibit to its proper place. Liete transports the team to four separate dungeons where the game takes place.

Once all the museum exhibits have been recovered, a Liete replica appears and directs the party to meet with the real Liete through a new doorway that appears. Upon meeting the real Liete, she reveals that the joy of the adventures she shared with Justin and the others has begun colouring her tablet red, meaning her life is much happier than the versions of Liete before her. She wishes to preserve the adventures through her exhibits so they can be relived and enjoyed.


There are six types of collectable exhibit within the museum:

  • Monster Books - Encyclopedias containing details on enemies from the world of Grandia
  • Artwork Tablets - Collections of concept art from game development
  • Minigame Discs - New or expanded minigames based around the Grandia world
  • Portrait Photographs - Collections of character portraits from the main game
  • Theatre Tickets - Allow viewing of unique audio clips relating to Grandia (these tickets are purchased from the shop rather than acquired from dungeons)
  • Save Game Cartridges - Store collections of saved games that can be transferred for use in the main Grandia title


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