Grandia II
Release Info
Release Date (JPN) 03/08/2000(Dreamcast)

21/02/2002(PS2) 25/8/2015(Steam/GOG)

Release Date (USA) 06/12/2000(Dreamcast)

28/01/2002(PS2) 10/03/2003(PC) 25/8/2015(Steam/GOG)

Release Date (EUR) 21/02/2001(Dreamcast)

28/03/2002(PS2) 12/04/2002(PC) 25/8/2015(Steam/GOG)

Platform(s) Dreamcast, PS2, PC, Steam, GOG

Grandia II is the second game in the Grandia series; despite its numbering, it is not a sequel to the original Grandia story-wise. It focuses on a boy named Ryudo and his fight against the revival of the evil god Valmar. The main theme of the game, as in Grandia, is the greed of man. In August 2015, GungHo Online Entertainment released an HD remastered version of Grandia II exclusively for PC via Steam and GoG services under the name of Grandia II Anniversary Edition[1][2], which also includes achievements.


The story begins with Ryudo, a Geohound (a type of mercenary) and his companion Skye, a talking bird, accepting a new job from the Church of Granas. Ryudo disdains the Church and reluctantly meets his contact, Father Carius, in Carbo Village. Upon entering the Church in the village, Ryudo meets Elena, a Songstress of Granas, who initially treats Ryudo with hostility until she is informed of his business. Ryudo is tasked with escorting Elena to Garmia Tower for a ceremony. They travel through the Black Forest, where Ryudo and Elena's personalities and ideals clash. They arrive at Garmia Tower and Elena is escorted inside by another Sister of Granas, Tessa. Ryudo awaits outside and converses with his bird companion, Skye. Suddenly, a scream is heard from inside the tower. Ryudo rushes inside and sees monsters running free. He fights his way up the tower and, arriving at the top, meets a dying Tessa. She informs that him the ceremony was a failure before dying. Breaking into the room, Ryudo sees strange machinery and Elena enveloped in dark magic. Ryudo rescues her, and using a rope as a zip-line, they escape the tower. Back in the Black Forest, Elena awakens and is shocked by the turn of events. They return to the church in Carbo Village. Father Carius is disappointed about the failure and reveals to Ryudo that it was a sealing ceremony to ensure the Dark God Valmar would not return. Father Carius offers Ryudo another job: escort Elena to the holy city of St Heim Papal State. Ryudo initially refuses, but later decides to sleep on it. Late in the night, the town is attacked by a mysterious woman with wings. Ryudo fights her, but is defeated by her powerful magic. Almost toying with him, she flees, leaving him alive. Ryudo accepts the escort mission, and leaves with Elena the next morning.

On the road to Agear Town in the Inor Mountains, Ryudo and Elena's ideals once again clash; his carefree and cynical world view directly conflicts with her belief in the goodness of humanity and the light of Granas. When they reach Agear Town, they discover that it was ravaged by a recent monster attack. Retiring to the Inn, they meet several monster hunters, the young boy Roan, and the innkeeper Vyx, a friend of Ryudo's. Roan begs for the hunters to assist him in retrieving his mother's medal from the monsters, but no one will help him. He is directed to Ryudo, who refuses, upsetting Elena. During the night, Ryudo changes his mind and leaves to help the boy. However, he is interrupted by the mysterious woman, who introduces herself as Millenia. She coerces Ryudo into allowing her to join him and they head out to find Roan. The hunters at the Inn tell them that Roan went into Durham Cave alone to fetch his medal. They chase after him, and after finding him, agree to help. Roan joins the group and the trio head deeper into the cave and confront the minotaur who had taken the medal. After the fight, Millenia mentions off-hand that she is the Wings of Valmar. Ryudo attempts to question her, but she blows him off and they return to town. Now daytime, Millenia bids Ryudo farewell before disappearing into a beam of light, revealing Elena. She awakens and wonders how she ended up outside while asleep. Ryudo suggests they make haste to St. Heim so the Pope can exorcise the wings from Elena. Roan joins the group, not wishing to travel alone and annoying Ryudo.

The trio journeys through the Baked Plains, while the overly optimistic Elena and Roan constantly annoy Ryudo. They reach the Granacliffs, believed to have been made when the God of Light, Granas, defeated the God of Darkness, Valmar. They see a flying vessel making its way across, and decide to use it to traverse the cliffs. However, they are attacked by an angry beast man who targets Ryudo. After a short fight, the beast man comes to his senses and apologizes, introducing himself as Mareg, and that he is searching for a "demon-man" named Melfice. Ryudo recognizes the name, but Mareg departs. Surprised and confused, the group travels to Liligue. They immediately see two townsfolk fleeing the town, who warn that the town is cursed and the citizens are suffering. The group assists a young boy, who takes them to his house. Inside, they meet his parents; his father works on the Skyway, the vessel built to cross the Granacliffs. They tell them about the town's curse: a few day prior, the people lost their sense of taste, and can only eat the bland arum root. The father tells them that if they wish to use the Skyway, they need permission from the manager, Gadan. The group meets with him; he is a gluttonous, filthy man who charges the group 10,000 gold just for the ride. Ryudo accepts, but the tram already left and won't return until the next day. The group dislikes Gadan, commenting on how he can eat so much while the whole town suffers. They decide to go to the Church of Granas for information. They meet with the pastor and discuss the misfortunes of the town. The priest tells them that Liligue was built on top of an old Granas temple that Gadan is excavating, as indicated by the massive stone pillars scattered around the town. Elena and Ryudo eventually deduce that a piece of Valmar must have been sealed in the temple, and with the excavation it must have broken and is now wreaking havoc upon the town, causing its misfortune. The group decides to enter the ruins in hopes of finding the piece and saving the town. They again encounter Mareg, who apologizes again for their earlier encounter. Ryudo asks him about Melfice, who is revealed to be his brother. Mareg claims that he does not know where he is, as he is chasing his scent, which the town reeks of. The group finds the entrance underground, and Mareg joins them. They travel through the underground tunnels and find the ruins of the temple itself. Eventually, they find the room containing the broken seal and the Tongue of Valmar, revealed to be Gadan, assaults them, swallowing Elena but spitting out Millennia. The group defeats him, and Millenia removes the Tongue of Valmar from Gadan before transforming back into Elena. They take Gadan back to his mansion, but he is catatonic as a result of Millenia's absorption of the Tongue. Elena reveals that each piece of Valmar vies for control, and that other pieces can absorb the others to gain more power. However, because of the absorption, the possessed soul is also devoured. The group contemplates whether Millenia is friend or foe, before departing for the Skyway to cross the Granacliffs.

On the Skyway, the group converses more about the events; whether Millenia can be trusted, their proximity to their destination, and Mareg's backstory and history regarding Melfice, who attacked and destroyed Mareg's village, killing many. Mareg vowed never to return until he has his revenge on Melfice. The party's conversation is cut short by violent winds, which detach the Skyway from its wires, causing it to crash in the Lumir Forest. Ryudo, Mareg, and Roan wake up together and search for Elena, who is elsewhere having a small conversation with Millenia in a mirror. Millenia suggest that they work together, which disgusts Elena as she knows Millenia is the Wings of Valmar. Millenia claims she's not completely evil, and wouldn't harm Ryudo. The party reunites and continues forward. Before they make it through the forest, they find the mysterious Garden of Dreams. There, they meet a little girl who can read their minds. She pleads for Elena not to eat her and disappears. Confused, the party leaves the garden and proceeds to the nearby village of Mirumu. The townsfolk there believe they are being rescued by the party. Confused, they inquire about what happened and the mayor enlightens the party on the current situation: the town is cursed; people are falling asleep and not waking up. Thus far, several people have fallen under this condition, and the populace are frightened. The mayor requested help from St. Heim, which he mistook the party for, as he thought Elena being a Sister of Granas was their salvation. The group investigates the situation, starting at the inn. They meet the innkeeper, Irina, who shows them her son Nicolas's condition; he, too, is in a deep sleep, and will not wake up. The party investigates further, going to the outskirts of town where they meet Aira, the girl from the garden. They also meet her mother, Sandra. She explains to them that when Aira was a baby, she became very sick. She prayed to Granas for a cure, and by some miracle her prayers were answered and Aira was cured. However, Aira now possesses the extraordinary power to read people's minds, and around that time, the village's problems began. The conversation is interrupted by Aira, who claims there is a "scary woman" outside. The party meets Selene, the High Priestess of Granas, and the Cathedral Knights who have arrived from St. Heim. She proclaims the village is now under lockdown while she conducts an investigation, and that no one may leave. She also states that whoever is causing the curse, along with whoever may be helping, will be purified. The group is troubled and aggravated by Selene's zealousness, and return to talk to Sandra. Aira convinces the group to follow them to her "special place", a shack behind the house with a hole in the floor inside leading to another broken Seal of Granas. Later in the night, the town is beset by eye-bats, and Millenia again joins the group. They follow Aira through a portal and back in the Garden of Dreams. Aira reveals to them that she was healed by the seal and reveals a third eye on her forehead. Millenia points out that she is possessed by the Eye of Valmar and Aira flees, frightened and confused. Ryudo asks if there is another way, but Millenia denies it and they return to the seal. Inside the room, they find a portal which Millenia claims will take them into Aira's soul. Inside, they find Aira once more, who transforms into the Eye. They defeat it, and are teleported back into the Garden. Sandra arrives, and pleads with Millennia not to kill her daughter. MIllenia proclaims there is no other way, before Aira wakes up and makes peace with the fact. Millenia absorbs the Eye, which causes the garden to disappear. A devastated Sandra asks if her daughter will ever come back, and Millenia points to a lone flower, which is Aira's soul, and that her soul may return when the garden blooms again. She claims to Ryudo that she was lying, but Ryudo doesn't believe her. Back in town, Selene declares the situation resolved, leading to an argument with the group over her apparent cold behavior regarding her handling of the situation. Selene simply states that it is the will of Granas before leaving, and that she will see them at St. Heim. Soon after, Ryudo's party depart for St. Heim.

The group travels through the St. Heim mountains, camping at the summit. They discuss many events; Millenia, Selene and her distorted world view as well as the stance of the Church, which compels Elena to begin questioning her purpose. The group rest and climb down the mountain, finally arriving in St. Heim Papal State. Ryudo is awestruck by the giant Cathedral, and Elena is happy to have made the journey. Elena bids farewell to the party and leaves to complete her mission. Inside the Cathedral, she meets with Pope Zera, who also wishes to talk to Ryudo. Ryudo meets with Zera who tells him he himself lacks the power to help Elena. However, he knows a way to destroy the pieces inside of her. He will need the Granasaber, the ancient weapon used by Granas to slay Valmar. Although hesitant, Ryudo accepts the mission. The group meets at the inn and ponder over their next move, as they do not know where the Granasaber is, having been given only a vague description: "it rests with the Legion of Darkness." These words disturb Roan, who suggests going to the Cyrum Kingdom for answers. After resting, the group travels to Cyrum through Raul Hills. Upon reaching the town, Roan reveals that Cyrum is his home and that its people are the Descendants of Darkness, who sided with Valmar against Granas. The party rests at the inn and Roan departs. They participate in the local festival, and attempt to gain information about the location of the Granasaber. Elena and Ryudo spend some quality time together, with some funny moments involving Heimble. However, Millenia appears once more and again tries to woo Ryudo. Roan and Mareg interrupt them and Roan states there is trouble in the castle as the king plans to open the Gate of Darkness. Roan leads them to a side entrance, where the guards reveal he is the prince. Entering the castle, Roan is relieved to see the gate has not been opened and the party go to meet with his father. In the king's office, Roan berates his father for his cowardice and demands to know why he is opening the gate; it is also revealed that Roan's medal is the key to opening the gate. The king informs Roan of a mysterious messenger who told him that opening the gate will finally bring prosperity to the kingdom. He states that it's too late, that the gate will be opened soon. Suddenly there is a large rumble in the castle and the group rushes to the gate. They find it has opened and enter after Mareg claims that Melfice may be inside, having picked up his scent. Inside, the group, especially Roan, is astonished to see some sort of factory. Navigating the factory to a control room, they are attacked by an Automata possessed by the Claws of Valmar. Defeating the claws, Millenia absorbs the claws, leaving the automata unharmed. Roan flies into a rage, stating that he is tired of his people living as if the past never happened and that they protected the factory for all these years. He accidentally causes a self-destruct mechanism in the factory and the group flees, while Mareg brings the automata along as he states she is an innocent victim. The automate awakens, telling them her name is Tio and calls Mareg her "master". She asks for orders, but he tells her she is free and that she can do as she wants which confuses her. Roan and company go to confront the king, but upon entering his chamber they encounter Melfice, who reveals that he coerced the king into opening the gate and unleashing the Claws. He attacks the party and easily defeats them. His final remarks to Ryudo are to meet him at "home". Roan has a crisis of faith regarding his people's history and his father's travesties. However, Ryudo encourages him to forge a new history for his people. In a touching scene, Roan becomes king, and tells his subjects of their dark history and to forge a new path. He raises the country's original flag, which has the insignia of Valmar. Roan decides to stay in his kingdom and rebuild it. Ryudo accepts his request, and Tio joins the group wishing to follow Mareg, but also to try to understand his meaning of freedom.

Ryudo reveals their next destination, the village of Garlan. Roan gives them a boat which can traverse the Granacliffs. They meet Bakala, a haughty man full of wisdom and captain of the ship, the 50/50. During the voyage, Ryudo thinks about home and his exile; meanwhile, Elena succumbs to sea sickness and Mareg is roped into pumping an air compressor. To relieve Elena, they dock at an island for the night. During the night, Ryudo talks with Elena, revealing romantic feelings as well as reassuring their strength and determination to see their journey to its end. The next morning, the tide has come in and their land bridge is now underwater. Following the rocky coasts of the many islands, the group makes its way back to the 50/50. Continuing onward, Captain Bakala reveals the nature of their vessel: upon reaching the Granacliffs, the ship will fly across, riding the wind created by the updrafts. They powered up the compressor to give them a boost of speed to ensure their crossing, but it's not guaranteed, hence the name of the ship. But they successfully cross the Granacliffs and dock at Garlan village. Upon arrival, Ryudo is accosted and demonized by the villagers, especially a man named Gatta. Ryudo suggests heading to his old home for clues. The house is now boarded up, and Gatta confronts Ryudo. He attacks Ryudo but loses, and afterwards claims that if Ryudo had acted faster, "she" would still be alive. Ryudo heads to the inn, and suggests they stay the night and search for Melfice in the morning. Elena ponders to herself what happened to Ryudo in this town, and a disguised Skye tells Elena his tale: Garlan used to be a town of swordsmen, where they trained and practiced to protect an ancient idol in the mountains. Melfice and Ryudo, as orphans, were raised by the village elder, and Melfice became the best swordsman but also engaged to Reena, the village priestess. One night, during a storm, the idol in the mountain rumbled, so the elder sent Reena to pacify it. When she did not return, he sent Melfice after her, secretly followed by Ryudo. When Ryudo came upon the idol's temple, he found that Melfice murdered Reena before the whole place collapsed. The scene devastated him, and he fled from the village; it also brought out his cynical personality. The next day, Ryudo deduces that Melfice must be at Grail Mountain. Departing the town, the group ascends the mountain, seeing the destruction and foulness that Melfice brought; the entire area is covered in purple goo. At the pinnacle, the group enters the idol's chamber, which contains yet another broken Seal of Granas. Upset, Ryudo says that everything he was told and believed in was a lie for the benefit of Valmar and that the idol, and now Melfice, is the Horns of Valmar. Outside, Melfice appears and taunts the group before leaving for the grove where Ryudo used to practice. There, Melfice taunts his brother some more, claiming that he failed to protect himself and Reena. A great battle ensues, with Ryudo's party victorious. Dying, Melfice states that his lust for power, power with which he was going to use to protect the world, is why he took the idol and was possessed and used by the Horns. He also tells the party the location of the Granasaber. He dies, and the horns are transferred to Ryudo. Ryudo fights the temptation to attack Elena, before falling unconscious. Back at the village, Elena asks Millenia for help. Millenia initially refuses and prepares to devour the Horns, but ultimately relents, revealing that she too is in love with him. Millenia summons Elena, and uses her powers to distract the Horns while Elena calls out to Ryudo. Inside Ryudo's mind, the Horns attempt to seduce him, using his brother and Reena as means to confuse him. However, with the help of Millenia and Elena, Ryudo triumphs over the Horns and they are sealed away. Ryudo wakes up and thanks both Millenia and Elena, and although Elena claims she did nothing, Ryudo tells her that he heard her voice.

The village elder thanks Ryudo for bringing hope back to the village and also apologizes, along with Gatta, for his harsh treatment of him. Mareg suggests they head for his village at the edge of the world. The group returns to the 50/50, and depart for Nannan village. Traversing through the jungle, they encounter a charred land, and Mareg tells them that it was once the location of his village until Melfice destroyed it. They arrive at Nannan, and meet with the village elder. The Elder praises Mareg for his success, but is saddened to learn that Melfice was Ryudo's brother. The Elder asks Elena and Ryudo to participate in a series of trials (however these are revealed to be a simple mini-game) and the party rests at the town while they celebrate. The Elder tells the group that the Granasaber most likely resides inside of the Wall of Wind, a giant cyclone that never ends. Leaving the village, the party arrives at the giant cyclone. With no apparent way forward, they discover several other automata in the area, and Tio absorbs their knowledge. She tells the group that the last order these automata received were to raise the cyclone, even though they were going to be destroyed if they did. She says that there is a way to stop the cyclone in a place known as the "Demon's Law". The group explores further, finding it, and discovers the means to stop the cyclone, but are ambushed by a Minotaur. Defeating it, the group stops the cyclone and rushes outside. They find the Granasaber, a massive sword pierced into the ground. Pondering how they would be able to move such a massive object, they are surprised by the sudden appearance Selene. She congratulates them for finding the sword, and then sacrifices a Cathedral Knight to awaken the Body of Valmar, which the sword is impaled on. Confused as to why Selene did this, Elena summons Millenia, who appears as the body begins to consume the whole area. Millenia convinces the group to enter the body and defeat it, so they can successfully retrieve the Granasaber. They traverse the Body's system, locating and defeating its core, and Millenia absorbs the Body. After the Body disintegrates, Tio reveals that the Granasaber isn't actually a sword, but a ship and teleports the group ito the control bridge. Powering up its systems, they travel to St. Heim to finish the job and confront the Pope about Selene's actions. The group are shocked when they arrive to find the Cathedral Knights attacking and slaughtering citizens. Defeating several Knights and entering the Cathedral, the group is surprised by Selene again and a cadre of Knights. She tells them that the revival of Valmar is imminent, and that Zera knew of it. She sacrifices herself and her Knights, transforming into the Heart of Valmar. After its defeat, Elena shockingly absorbs its power. She reveals her mission: she was sent by Zera to absorb the wings, and use those to absorb the rest of Valmar in order for him to be truly defeated, and that he was going to use the Granasaber to destroy Valmar even though it would cause her death. The group rushes to confront Zera, who reveals the terrible truth: during the Battle between Good and Evil, Granas and Valmar used Automata to fight, with neither side gaining ground in the battle. Finally, Valmar and Granas themselves fought, but Granas died. Valmar was victorious in the battle, but separated into pieces. Zera states that he sent Elena on the mission to absorb all the pieces, but reveals that it was not to destroy Valmar, but to revive him. He kidnaps Elena and teleports to Valmar's Moon.

Ryudo and company remain determined to rescue Elena and defeat Zera. Using the Granasaber, they travel to the moon. They confront Zera, who is now insane. Zera states that he will merge with Valmar, and become the new god and take the world into new prosperity. He removes Millenia from Elena, and begins absorbing her into the moon. Using the last of her strength, Millenia releases Elena and sends the group out, delaying the absorption long enough to allow the group to flee. Arriving at the Granasaber, the group are surrounded by many of Valmars young. Tio states that the Granasaber needs to charge up, as it is almost out of fuel. Mareg tells the group to head inside and he will accompany them shortly. Mareg prays to Granas, praying for the groups safe departure. He tells Tio to find a meaning to live, as it is the last thing he can teach her, before the Granasaber flies off the moon, leaving Mareg. The Granasaber crashes just outside Cyrum kingdom. With barely any time to recoup or deal with the loss of Mareg, Valmars moon begins to send its young down to the planet. Realizing that Cyrum kingdom needs help, the group heads to the city. Running into (now King) Roan, he welcomes the group before solemnly understanding Maregs sacrifice. Just as the last of the young are defeated, the group sees Valmars moon crash into the Cathedral of Granas, absorbing all of the citizens and the building to create a new body of Valmar, effectivly reviving Valmar. The new Valmar begins sending more mature youngs to attack Ryudo, needing the Horns inside of him to truly become complete. The group heads out of town, accompanied by Roan, so no more people will be put at risk. Roan remembers a place, known as a masoleum, that is supposed to house ancient ruins. With no other recourse, the group head there, and enter a place known as the Birthplace of the Gods. Entering deep into the ruins, the group meet the automata computer named Elmo. Elmo tells the group the history of Granas and Valmar. Both entities were once human, who gained godlike abilities. Initially, only Granas was revered, and his teachings become law with anyone now bowing to his word branded a heretic and destroyed. There weren't any wars, until a small group began to worship Valmar, allowing him to garner enough strength and followers to challenge Granas. He recounts the battle where both were destroyed, and that the Granas seals were not in fact to seal Valmar, but to allow that piece to be joined by a host much easier, explaining how many of the pieces came into the possession of the individuals so easily. Initially, the pieces were to be used for good, however, many still battle for the pieces and such they were lost. Elmo tells the group that the pieces are not inherently evil, but simply push the individual towards the goal he/she wishes most. And that most of the time, this devolves to evil intentions as that is the easiest way to achieve ones goals. Elmo also tells Ryudo that the Horns are sealed inside him, and will remain so as long as Ryudo maintains control over his emotions. However Ryudo has a revelation; realizing that "Light" and "Dark" does not mean good or evil, he wishes to unseal the Horns and use their power to defeat Zera. Elmo complies, and sets Ryudo into a machine that will release the Horns. He states that the machine will take Ryudo into his own soul, and challenge him for control. If Ryudo loses, Ryudo will die. Understanding, Ryudo still wishes to go through with the process. Tio and Roan understand Ryudos sacrifice, but Elena doesn't. Ryudo confronts Elena, and she reveals that she is scared because she loves Ryudo, and doesn't want him to die. As he begins to leave, Elena jumps to him, and they share a kiss, Ryudo promises he will come back.

Inside of Ryudos soul, he is tested brutally by Valmar. He is asked if he wants power to defeat evil, the same power his brother wanted. He is confronted by the souls of his brother and Reena, chastising him for his inability to protect anyone. Finally, Valmar shows him his new form, that of a Valmar young. Despondent, Ryudo slowly loses his will. Outside, Valmar is shown ravaging the lands, moving slowly towards Cyrum kingdom. The people have gathered outside of the masoleum having followed Roan. The people have given up hope, but Elena sings, raising the peoples spirits. Inside of his soul, Ryudo hears Elena. And he realizes his will to fight and live. He also realizes his need for power is an illusion, as he's always had the power inside of himself and his friends. He discovers the power of friendship, love, and of ones will. And in a blinding beam of light, Ryudo returns to the world, on top of the mausoleum. Elena greets Ryudo, Ryudo thanks her as it was her voice again that saved him from damnation. Ryudo announces his resolve to defeat Valmar, not with the Light of Granas, but the will of man and of himself. He reveals the true Granasaber, a weapon formed from the Horns as well as Ryudos own soul. Using its immense power, further strengthened by the will of the people, Ryudo cuts Valmar, wounding it which amazes the god. Ryudo uses the saber to transport the group inside of Valmar for the final confontation. Deep inside the core of valmar the group is confronted by Zera, now completely absorbed into Valmar. The group defeats this form, but Zera is not dead, and summons Millenia to kill the group. The group defeats Millenia, and she disappears. Elena then summons the real Millenia, realizing that Millenia was and will always be a part of her. Now a separate being, Millenia joins the group, but Roan and Tio are separated just as Valmar takes off into space. Elena, Ryudo, and Millenia traverse ahead while Roan and Tio fend off more young. Deep in the heart of Valmar, the group defeats the pieces again before confronting Zera himself. Turning into a butterfly/moth like creature, Zera fights the trio. He is defeated, and is amazed that a mere human could defeat him. Ryudo states that Zera himself is still human, and was never a god. Zera confesses his disgust of his new form as well as his fear of dying. With his death, Valmar is truly defeated, and Tio saves Roan with her abilities. The two discuss Mareg, which they agree that he would be happy with the turn of events. Millenia, Elena, and Ryudo as left in space, and ponder the existence of humanity and gods. Ryudo states that man doesn't need anymore gods, and that the power of humanity is what man truly needs. Millenia and Elena, using her new angel wings, take Ryudo back to the planet.

A Year later, Roan decides to travel the world again to see how it has changed. He meets Tio working as a nurse, he asks her if shes happy, which she is very. She says she feels more and more human each day, and also feels Maregs spirit watching over her. He visits Millenia in Liligue City, where she has become a teacher. Although still very temperamental, she shows she is a great teacher and that her students love her. When Roan leaves, she talks about her love of Ryudo, and she hopes to see him again some time. He visits Maregs grave, and talks about the future of the world, and how much he misses him. He finally visits Sabrina and Aira, Aira having regained consciousness. Aira tells Roan that Elena is in town, having became a traveling songstress to bring joy to the world. Throughout his journey Roan asks everyone about Ryudo, who has gone missing after the events. Elena tells Roan that she has not seen him, but she feels him, and that he is ok. She states that he is traveling to world to see humanity change. She states that she loves him, and knows that he will come back whenever he is done. Ryudo is seen climbing a mountain, and places the Granasaber into the ground near a tree. He states that from here it will be able to see the changes in the world, and that it will be happy.


The game is an RPG, using an action bar based fighting system which is unique to the series. Grandia II sports a unique battle system which is more tactical than what is usual on console RPGs, especially those developed by Japanese companies. Apart from the usual real-time yet turn-based battle system as is known from the Final Fantasy series, the game also supports limited movement during the battle. Characters can run around, strike their opponent and then retreat somewhere else. Spending a turn to change position can help avoid area of effect attacks and, occasionally, escape melee strikes. With some good (or bad) timing, either the player or the computer can "cancel" a move, causing a character's or monster's wait time to strike to be lengthened or, if acting out a move, canceling it entirely. The battle system consists of Initiative Points, Magic Points, Hit Points and Special Points.

Action BarEdit

During battles, each combatant, whether party member or enemy, is represented by an icon on the action bar in the lower-right corner of the screen. The combatant's position on the action bar shows how soon they will be able to act next. As the battle begins, all icons are placed in the "WAIT" segment on the left of the action bar and start advancing slowly towards the right end. When a party member's icon reaches the "COM" (for "command") mark, the game pauses, letting the player select the next action to be carried out by this character (attack, defend, cast magic, move, etc.). The selected action is not executed immediately, but rather when the character's icon reaches the "ACT" mark at the rightmost end of the bar. Likewise, the enemies only attack when their respective icons reach the ACT mark. After executing an action, the combatant's icon is reset back to the leftmost end of the bar and they have to wait before taking action again.

Gaining initiative in combat results in the party members' icons being placed ahead of the enemies' at the start of the battle, effectively giving them the first strike. The speed at which a combatant's icon moves across the WAIT segment and thus their effective action rate are influenced by their monster type (for enemies) and their accessories and supportive spells (for party members). The time it takes for the icon to get from the COM mark to the ACT mark depends mainly on the chosen action: some moves need very little time to execute, while others take a lot longer.


A combo attack allows a character to land two hits on an enemy. They are quick to use, and the hits can be increased with certain accessories up to four hits per combo. A combo attack can also "counter" if it hits an enemy in an attack pose, dealing additional damage. Additionally, if the combo kills the intended target before reaching the final blow, the character attempts to attack the closest enemy to complete the combo.


A critical attack is a single stored hit that cancels an enemy's attack. They are slower to use, and are primarily used to prevent an enemy from using an especially powerful move. Critical attacks usually deal less damage than a full Combo. Each character's first move also carries a "cancel" effect. Critical attacks can "counter."

Special MovesEdit

Each character can use moves, which consume SP, and has a set of moves unique to him or her. The battle pauses when a move is executed. Moves may also deal IP damage, delaying an enemy's actions. Moves must be learned with Skill Coins, and have a maximum level of 5. Move damage is increased and execution time is decreased as the move's level is increased. All beginning techniques (Tenseiken Slash and Golden Hammer, for example), once maxed, are almost immediately executed upon entering the command. This is of significant value for canceling effectively.


Characters can use magic from equipped mana eggs. Using magic consumes MP and pauses the battle. More powerful magic takes longer to cast. Similar to moves, magic can be learned with Magic Coins, and have a maximum level of 5. Spell efficiency is increased and casting time is decreased as the level increases. Magic spells can be cast instantly if a character has skills equipped giving a +100% bonus to the element of that particular spell.


Skills are learned from Skill Books, then equipped onto characters. Skills can either boost stats or add additional effects, such as increased item drops or adding a cancel effect to certain spells. Skills are learned with either Skill Coins or Magic Coins, depending on the type of skill.

English voice castEdit

  • Jennifer Hale - Elena/Paella
  • Kim Mai Guest — Tio/Selene/Client's Daughter
  • Paul Eiding — Skye/Oro/Carpaccio/Brother 3
  • John Cygan — Melfice/Client/Brother 1

Japanese voice castEdit

  • Showtaro Morikubo — Ryudo
  • Hiroko Konishi — Elena
  • Yukitoshi Hori — Skye
  • Tomoko Ishimura — Roan
  • Mai Hoshikawa — Millenia
  • Daisuke Gouri — Mareg
  • Misa Watanabe — Selene
  • Isshin Chiba — Melfice
  • Osamu Saka — Zera


  • Producer: Takeshi Miyaji
  • Director: Katsunori Saito
  • Sequence director: Hidenobu Takahashi
  • Programming supervisor: Kazuyuki Ohata
  • Original scenario writers: Kei Shigema, Yuichi Hasegawa
  • Scenario director: Hiroaki Okabe
  • Game scenario writers: Yuzo Sunaga, Hidenobu Takahashi
  • Character designer: Yuji Kanoe
  • Game designer: Osamu Harada
  • Graphic director: Akihisa Sako
  • Music composer: Noriyuki Iwadare
  • Vocals: Kaori Kawasumi


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