Grandia Xtreme
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Release Info
Release Date (JPN) 31/01/2002
Release Date (USA) 30/09/2002
Release Date (EUR) N/A
Platform(s) Playstation 2

A spin-off PS2 adventure of the Grandia series. It follows the story of a young Ranger named Evann and his journey to stop the Elemental Disorder.


Evann, the protagonist of Grandia Xtreme, is conscripted by the army to join a special team designed to fight the elemental disorders plaguing the world. Evann is captured by the Nortis army against his will and put in command of this unit.

The team sets forth to the four ancient ruins controlling the elements and remove slabs in the ruins used by the ancients to control the elements.

Along the way, Evann and the team encounter Kroitz, Evann's childhood rival and now leader of the Nortis Army. The party slowly begins to realise that Kroitz has his own intentions for obtaining the slabs in order to awaken an ancient power he believes will give him absolute control.


In keeping with previous Grandia titles, Grandia Xtreme maintains the series' iconic battle system - utilising the IP guage and player command prompt. In past games the player could regain SP in battle while MP could only be recovered at a Save Point or through the use of an item. However, in Grandia Xtreme, this is reversed - MP recovers during battle and SP must be manually recovered.

For the first time in the series, the player only controls the protagonist while in a dungeon, rather than leading all the characters outside of battle. The dungeon environments are noteably more interactive and a level of puzzle-solving has been introduced.

Outside of dungeons, the player does not progress to new towns but maintains a base of operations from one town - Locca. All the required facilities can be found here and the player must choose their party here before leaving for a dungeon.

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