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A strange village on the East coast of The Lost World which is situated near a large volcano. It is led by the Chief of Gumbo.

The main festival tent of Gumbo


Gumbo is known for its perpetually-warm climate, despite the season of year. This phenomenon is due to the town being situated on volcanic land, with natural hot springs just below the surface of the earth. The warm, pleasant temperature made Gumbo a place of great relaxation and pleasure, particularly for those in love.

The climate was also very suitable for certain frog species and the town also became known for the vast number of frogs residing there. Perhaps as a result, the people of Gumbo began to worship frog idols, relating them to the favourable climate.

However, one year, a great dragon came to settle atop the volcano, absorbing the volcanic power and cooling the surrounding area as a result. In an attempt to apease the dragon and return the warm climate to the town, every year the villagers sacrifice two lovers to the fire dragon. However, as a result of this, nobody in the village becomes a couple in fear of being sacrificed.


When Justin and Feena arrive in Gumbo the village chief mistakes them for a couple and they unknowingly end up being catapulted into the volcano. After Justin slays the dragon, Danda, who owns a ship, is willing to take Justin to The Twin Towers because he can at last express his feelings for his love, Naina.



Item Abbreviation Description Buy
Ring.gif Metal Frog METALFROG +3 magic/move block resistance 2000 G
Ring.gif Spectacles SPECTACLE +2 critical resistance 500 G
Cape.gif Raincoat RAINCOAT Prevents falling asleep 800 G
Tonic.gif Vaccine VACCINE Cures plague of 1 friend 50 G
Cherry.gif Boiled Coconut COCONUT Restores 80 HP to 1 friend Local 240 G
Tonic.gif Panacea PANACEA Restores status of 1 friend 800 G
Bomb.gif Holy Fire 30 HP range attack Good on ghosts 150 G
Bomb.gif Dynamite DYNAMITE 70 HP fire range damage 280 G
Scroll.gif Blizzard Scroll BLIZRD SC 280 HP blizzard attack on all enemies 1600 G
Scroll.gif Lightning Scroll 150 HP lightning range attack 1650 G
Scroll.gif Gale Scroll GALE SC 120 HP blizzard attack on 1 enemy 480 G


Weapon Abbreviation Stats Description Buy
Knife.gif Azure Knife AZU KNIFE +25 attack Attribute: water 3100 G
Rod.gif Raincloud Staff RAINSTAFF +26 attack [Snooze] Attribute: water 4000 G
Axe.gif Frog Ax FROG AX +28 attack Has a frog emblem 4200 G


Armor Abbreviation Stats Description Buy
Coat.gif Flying Dragon Vest DRGN VEST +14 defense +2 anti-fire level 3000 G
Coat.gif Frog Shirt FROG SHRT +10 defense +1 anti-water level 2500 G
Buckler.gif MagicMirror Shield MG SHIELD +13 defense Returns normal attacks 8000 G
Helm.gif Stone Head STONEHEAD +9 defense Don't fall if attacked 1400 G
Boot.gif Mach 1 Boots MACH BOOT +5 defense +30 move 2000 G