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"The bonds between our worlds. This world must be wiped from your world’s memory. The Verse Realm must be forgotten."

Hect comes from a world that used to be full of hidden beauty, but has now been entirely turned into crystal. Hect is capable of breaking the link between her world and Yuki's via the music from her violin; an instrument which she also uses as a weapon in battle by playing melodies. Four wings can be visibly seen on Hect's back, but it is unclear whether or not all the inhabitants of her world look like that...


Hect is the mayor of the Terrarium, the only habitable town in the Verse Realm. To make things worse, her world is being crystallized and destroyed by a phenomenon called the Curse of Xorn. Because of this curse, she believes her world must be forgotten and thus often displays a hopeless and depressed personality. Now she spends her time severing the bonds between her world and the 'main world' by playing a mysterious (and sad) song on her violin.


She uses a baton in battle to fight and uses it to fling energy spheres at enemies from a mid-ranged distance. Of course, her real power lies in her absurdly high MP and Magic stats along with her one-of-a-kind Heaven's Gate spell. However, her HP is dangerously low. Hect should never engage the enemy up front unless using a critical, which is rather quick and can be done at range (she flings a ball of light from her baton rather than her ballet twirling up close). Healer is a good role for Hect as well, considering her affinity for ranged and magic attacks.

Because Hect remains in the party for a brief time, she obtains only three special moves, all learned by default.

Name Description Target Power SP Cost
Crimson Shock Overwhelm surrounding enemies. Non-elemental. Cancels enemy attack. All (ATK) 40
Freeze Create a powerful barrier. Continues to damage the enemy over time and prevents movement. Single (SUP) - 75
Armageddon Purify with flames of judgment. Non-elemental. Lowers all enemy attributes. All (ATK) ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 99

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