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The IP bar from the original Grandia

The Initiative Bar is a defining feature of the Grandia Series and key to the battle system. The bar appears in all Grandia games in one form or another and it determines the order in which characters and enemies attack.

Fighters' icons move along the bar until they reach the "Action" point - here an action is selected, which will be initiated when their icon reaches the end of the bar. This is when the action is carried out. During this period between the "Action" point and the end of the bar, fighters are vulnerable to have their moves cancelled by an opponent.

Most characters and enemies will have a single icon, but some larger enemies and bosses will have multiple icons, allowing for multiple action chances from the enemy. Players can also focus their attacks on more vulnerable sections of the enemy.

The speed at which fighters move along the bar is determined by their initiative points (IP). Each character will have a base IP, which cannot be altered outside of battle. However, within battle, the use of spells and items can alter the IP level and therefore speed or slow their movement along the bar.