Icarians are magical beings which existed in ancient times. Icarians, through the Spirit Stone, could wield great magic and they used this to build up a great civilization known as Angelou. Icarians co-existed with humans and shared their gifts with the people.

The Icarians were very wise and powerful. They are identical to humans, but are depicted as being very beautiful. The Icarians could sprout great wings that enabled them to use great powers. These wings, and the power that came with them, are what made the humans envious of the Icarians.

The Icarians were also very kindhearted. They built the End of the World to stop darkness from spreading to the earth when Humans stole the Spirit Stone. They gave the Mist-Clearing Nuts to the Humanoids for them to be able to clear mists and darkness in the Misty Forest. They sacrificed themselves for the humans when Gaia was created, and they also enacted a reincarnation spell that enabled two of their kind to be born into the world whenever Gaia will resurrect.

The Icarians built Alent, the City of Wisdom, far above the earth that preserved their civilization, with Liete as a living database of their culture and lifestyle.

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