(Retired) Adventurer Java

"Hmm, they say young Java was the best adventurer on Messina"
―Café Patron[src]

Java is an old, retired adventurer. He has a reputation for being a little eccentric as he goes around all day wearing knight's armour and holding a lance. If you ask him he will say that he is still an active adventurer. Java lives near Leck Mines but takes the steam train every day into Parm to visit the Underground Café. Java still has an old Steamer pass but he never uses it anymore.


Justin and Sue first hear about Java when looking for a steamer pass to get them to Elencia. They are told to take Java's wallet to him at the Leck Mines as a favour for Kirlian.

After dropping his wallet in Java's vacant home, he bursts through the door and accuses the party of trying to steal his money. After the dust settles, Java challenges the party to complete a trial and maybe then, he will give the party a steamer pass. Java tells Justin that he and Sue that they must enter the Leck Mines and defeat the boss. Unfortunately, when the party defeats the Orc King, the mines start to collapse, but Java arrives in a mine cart and take the party to safety. Content with the party's performance in the mines, Java gives Justin a Steamer Pass to get to the New World.

Other AppearancesEdit

Grandia Parallel TrippersEdit

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Java PT
Java makes an appearance as a playable character in Grandia Parallel Trippers and is a fairly early recruit to the party. Java can be found inside the township at the Volug Volcano where the hot springs are found. Events in the Volcano must be finished and Justin should be in the active party. Java can equip sword, mace and axe based skills and can possess Fire, Wind and Water magic.

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