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Kornell is a tough assassin hired by Emelious and Grau. He is partnered with Violetta. Kornell wields a large heavy axe and armored iron fist but is rather slow compared to the agile Violetta in both stamina and intelligence.

Not much is known about Kornell, only the fact that he works for Emelious.


The party faces Kornell three times during the course of the game, once paired with Violetta.

Kornell is the opponent during the Advanced Tutorial; during this fight he is completely alone and will end the battle by running away.

Kornell is also the first boss to face in the game; during this fight, he has Henchman Grunts as backup.

In the second re-match battle, he is paired with Violetta but with no Henchman Grunts this time.

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