6ft 1in
180 lbs
Supreme Army Commander
Appears in
Japanese Voice
Takehito Koyasu
English Voice
Mark Hamill

Kroitz is a childhood rival of Evann and currently supreme commander of the Nortis and its operations to neutralize the Elemental Disorder. He is an excellent commander but lacks sympathy and is often too harsh or strict towards others. He is a commanding and powerful man but strives to be even greater, which makes him dislike people like Evann and their carefree lifestyle.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kroitz is an incredibly powerful opponent, fought twice by the party throughout the story. Like Evann, he wields a sword and uses a decent selection of magic. Being Evann's rival, he wields the dark counterpart to Sky Dragon Slash, Demon Slash. Similar to Melfice of Grandia II, his sword Crimson is an actual separate opponent, but it cannot be destroyed due to its impeneterable defense level. Kroitz always starts both battles accompanied by his troops and he can also call in additional forces as often as he wants, giving the party more to handle. The second time he is fought, he is under the control of Quanlee and has access to new moves, including summoning a brand new version of Crimson. The new version allows him to execute a devastating special attack, though it only targets one character.

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