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The entrance to the Land Ruins through Sandworm's Den

The surrounding area devastated by the Elemental Disorder

The Land Ruins are the centre of the Earth Elemental Disorder. They are located in the Sandworm's Den and are the first Elemental Ruins Evann and his team visit.


The Land Disorder is first seen in the opening cutscene. A fleet of Nortis tanks, under Kroitz's command, approach the Disorder head on. It is unknown if this particular excursion proves successful or not, as it is clear their mission is set back somewhat when the earthquakes open up the ground beneath many of the tanks and swallow them.

The army are eventually successful in breaking through into the ruins and neutralising the Land Disorder, but it comes at the price of a great loss. When approaching the Sandworm's Den, referring to the upturned and abandoned remains of the tanks in the area, Carmyne tells Evann she has never seen destruction on that scale before, even when fighting in the war.

As these ruins have already been excavated, the team simply has to make their way down to the Spiritual Atrium to meet with Kroitz and Specto. It is here they explain the source of the Elemental Disorder and assign Evann his mission to resolve it. The team also meet with representitives from Arcada and Hazma in the outpost before leaving the area.


The first boss in this dungeon is a Minotaur (similar to the Durham Minotaur in Grandia II). When returning to the Land Ruins in Chapter Two (after all the Elemental Ruins have been neutralised), the Minotaur will begin to spawn as a regular enemy. It is also replaced at this stage by a new boss - the Giant Soldiers.