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Liligue as seen from the chapel window

Liligue is a booming industrial town situated on the Edge of the Granacliffs. It was built on the site of ancient ruins to Lord Granas which were the sealing place of the Tongue of Valmar. Liligue is an important town because of the Skyway which allows people to cross the Granacliffs.


Inn - A good place to stay unless they are serving Arum root.

General Store - Pick up armour and weapons here, as well as local stock only found here.

Granas Church - Built upon a hill, this church overlooks all of Liligue.

Skyway Station - This station is a busy place, shipping cargo and passangers across the Granacliffs.

Mysterious Hole - A cavern that was part of an excavation of a temple to Granas. This place houses a Seal of Valmar - sealed the Tongue of Valmar.

Gadan's Mansion - The house of Gadan, the Skyway manager.

Liligue General Store[]


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Sword II.png Army Saber +32 ATK Sword used in the army 750 G
Sword II.png Samurai Blade +38 ATK Samurai sword 900 G
Staff II.png Iron Rod +30 ATK A heavy iron rod 720 G
Staff II.png Flame Staff +40 ATK Fire-based [Burn!] 1250 G
Staff II.png Battle Rod +45 ATK A light nimble combat staff 960 G
Knife II.png Multiple Knife +28 ATK A multi-function knife 650 G
Knife II.png Hunter's Knife +36 ATK Effective against animals 880 G


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Cloth Armor II.png Quilted Silk +17 DEF A magical suit made of silk 800 G
Robe II.png Guardian Robe +22 DEF +Poison resistance 1200 G
Light Armor II.png Chain Mail +20 DEF 950 G
Heavy Armor II.png Plate Mail +25 DEF Full body steel armor 1400 G
Cap II.png Guardian Hat +10 DEF Gives sleep resistance 450 G
Bandana II.png Iron Bandana +12 DEF Has iron plates on forehead 480 G
Helm II.png Iron Helm +15 DEF Helmet made of iron plate 600 G
Boot II.png Hunter's Boots +8 MOV +4 DEF Lace-up boots 400 G


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Bracelet II.png Gauntlet +15 DEF 800 G
Charm II.png Fire Charm - Level 5 fire resistance 400 G
Charm II.png Wind Charm - Level 5 wind resistance 400 G
Charm II.png Earth Charm - Level 5 earth resistance 400 G
Charm II.png Lightning Charm - Level 5 lightning resistance 400 G
Charm II.png Blizzard Charm - Level 5 blizzard resistance 400 G


Item Range Description Buy
Leaf II.png Medicinal Herb One Ally Restores 200 HP 10 G
Tonic II.png Wound Salve One Ally Restores 400 HP 24 G
Leaf II.png Healing Herb All Allies Restores 250 HP 50 G
Leaf II.png Poison Antidote One Ally Cures poison 14 G
Tonic II.png Paralysis Salve One Ally Cures paralysis 14 G
Tonic II.png Eye Drops One Ally Awakens sleeping character 14 G
Tonic II.png Smelling Salts One Ally Cures confusion 20 G
Tonic II.png Yomi's Elixir One Ally Revives a fallen character 500 G


Item Range Description Buy
Bomb II.png Hand Grenade Some Foes Power: 300 60 G
Bomb II.png Insecticide Bomb One Foe Power: 650 Fire-based Good vs. bugs 60 G
Scroll II.png Fireball Scroll One Foe Power: 400 Fire-based 50 G
Scroll II.png Whirlwind Scroll Some Foes Power: 300 Wind-based attack 60 G
Apple II.png Patience Nut Some Allies +1 DEF level 20 G
Apple II.png Swiftness Nut Some Allies +1 MOV level 20 G
Seed II.png Kuko Berry One Foe Confusion effect Causes intoxication 10 G