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"You know the rules of the Seagull Restaurant... "Always Keep the Kitchen Clean!""

Lilly (リリィ) manages the popular Seagull Restaurant in the town of Parm. With a frank and straightforward personality, she is quick to chide Justin every time he gets into some sort of mischief. Though it may appear otherwise, she truly understands her son Justin well.


"Don't worry, Sue. Justin's brain can't get any worse than it already is!"

Lilly is Justin's Mother and appears at the start of the game. She used to be a pirate, going by the name of "Lilly the Skull". During her teenage years, Lilly and a gang of pirates hijack Justin's Father's ship and attempt to steal the Spirit Stone from his possession. When Justin's father refuses, Lilly decides to leave her pirate days behind her out of respect of his bravery.

She often cooks for Justin and Sue and it is during these meals where she tells Justin that the curator of the museum is looking for him, effectively it was due to her influence that Justin started his adventure. Later on in the game, when Justin sneaks off onto the ship to leave for New Parm, Lilly sneaks a letter to Justin giving the impression she knew that he was going to leave on an adventure.

In the epilogue, Lilly is still living in Parm and residing in the Seagull Restaurant. Sue is seen calling to Lilly from outside the restaurant, insisting she come out to the port to meet Justin and Feena. Unfortunately, Lilly explains that the pie she was making was not ready so Sue would have to visit the port on her own.

Other Appearances[]

Grandia Parallel Trippers[]

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Lilly makes an appearance as a playable character in Grandia Parallel Trippers and can be recruited after the events of the Tranquil Sea. She will only join your party though if Justin and Sue are at or above level 30. She can wield whip and knife based skills and, like her son Justin, has the power to possess Fire, Wind and Water magic.


  • Lilly is the only main character who appears in the epilogue that doesn't have an updated portrait. In fact, her speech isn't accompanied by a portrait at all.

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