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An aerial view of Locca Village

Locca is a small country village that was taken over by the Nortis army to serve as their base while combating the Elemental Disorder. 2nd Lieutenant Diene works as the manager and liaison for the miliatary operations there. Most of the villagers left once the army arrived but a few stayed such as Ben and Juston.


  • Army Barracks - The manager here will allow you to equip your party, rest and save your game.
  • Command Post - Speak to Diene here about your mission.
  • Item Shop - This shop is run by the local man, Ben. It is restocked regularly by an Arcanian salesman.
  • Magician - Come here to combine Mana Eggs you find to create new combinations.
  • Skillman - You can create skills here using the vellums you have collected.
  • Diner - A place for your team to relax. Talking to Wendy here can sometimes trigger a dinner scene.
  • Juston's House - The home of an old adventurer who has many stories to tell you and advice to give. After the first ending, you can play Juston's Lucky Shuffle game here.
  • Locca Park - A park with a lake where the Crash Heads rythym game can be played.
  • Station - You can take the train from here to go to Escarre.
  • Starry Park - Found outside the village walls and behind a blockade, this area leads to the Starry Corridor.