Luc Village

The Party explores the misty Luc village

The hidden village of Luc is home to a Humanoid species and is hidden deep in the Misty Forest.


The Village of Luc is in the Misty Forest on Western Elencia continent. The village is hidden and it cannot be exactly located by many adventurers because of the thick mist.


The people of this village thrive on the mist and its supposed protective powers. They worship an idol known as the God of Light and pray everyday for protection and isolation. Because of its location, most are not aware of the town's existence or culture, and most cannot locate it due the thick mist produced by the forest. However, it is inferred that the ancestors of the village were originally from the other side of the End of the World.

The humanoids are often referred to as keepers of the mist and posses special nuts that allow them to control the mist at will as well as allow outsiders to understand the humanoid language. However, many citizens do not approve of outsiders entering the village, but make an exception with Justin's party due to the fact that they rescued one of their own, Rem, from the Garlyle Forces. The main source of food seems to be nuts and vegetables around the area. Most of the water comes from the flowing river that crosses right through the town, most likely as runoff from the God of Light Mountain.

The architecture is mostly wooden houses and hollowed trees. Most of the people are dressed in fur, most likely indicating that the place is at least mildly cold.

Characters residing

  • Rem
  • Luc Chief



Item Abbreviation Description Buy
Charm Tree God Amulet Reduces SP used by killer moves 1000 G
Tonic Bandage Restores 50 HP to 1 friend 100 G
Scroll Move Breaker MOV BREAK Unblocks moves of 1 friend 200 G
Scroll Spell Breaker SPL BREAK Unblocks magic of 1 friend 200 G
Tonic Smelling Salts SM SALTS Cures confusion in 1 friend 100 G
Tonic Paralysis Ointment PARA OINT Cures paralysis in 1 friend 100 G
Tonic Resurrect Potion RESU POTN Revives 1 fallen friend 1000 G
Cherry Baobab Fruit BAO FRUIT Restores 10 SP to 1 friend 200 G
Leaf Smarna Weed SMARNA -1 defense for all enemies 150 G
Bomb Firewood Sparks 80 HP range attack Good on plants 140 G
Scroll Snooze Scroll SNOOZE SC Put all enemies to sleep by bubbles 200 G
Scroll Zap! Book 180 HP lightning range attack 720 G


Weapon Abbreviation Stats Description Buy
Dagger Flint Knife FLT KNIFE +20 attack An obsidian knife 2000 G
Rod Oracle's Staff ORA STAFF +22 attack [Cures Confusion] 2600 G
Axe Woodchopper's Ax WOOD AX +23 attack Effective against plants 2600 G
Bow Flint Bow FLINT BOW +20 attack With obsidian arrowheads 2000 G


Armor Abbreviation Stats Description Buy
Coat Fairy Robe FARY ROBE +10 defense +2 anti confusion/sleep 1800 G
Shield Escargot Shield ES SHIELD +7 defense Snail shell 750 G
Cap Climbing Hat CLIMB HAT +5 defense Made of fur 400 G
Shoe Curious Clogs ODD CLOGS +3 defense Warps when damaged 1000 G
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