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"I have nothing to say to traitors like you! En garde!"

Lutina is a young Arcadian woman and is a soldier in an elite Arcadian unit. She is stealthy and graceful in battle, being skilled in the martial arts. She appears highly emotionless yet has strong feelings for her cause. Like most Arcadians, she has a dislike of the Nortis after their recent conflicts but joins with Evann to fight the Elemental Disorder.

When first encountering her at the very start of Chapter Two, she is fought as a boss.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lutina is a slender and agile young woman with the distinctive long, thin ears of the Arcadian people. She has pale turquoise-green hair and yellow eyes. Her white and blue coat has a further red and yellow layer on it, fixed in place with a belt, which has tassels connected at the back. She wears these over a tight purple-blue top and leggings of the same colour, which have the backs of their knees cut out. She also wears brown ankle boots with red detailing, a gold pendant, and gold bracelets around the sleeves of her coat. Her dagger has a static design and is a blue-coloured blade with several jagged edges. The dagger has a wire with a green crystal at its end, which allows her to yank the weapon back when she uses it as a projectile.

Little is known of Lutina's past other than that she was raised from a young age to be an effective and deadly assassin for her people. This is reflected in her ruthless nature and her fighting style. She is abrasive and whilst she largely keeps to herself, she will occassionally press Evann on difficult matters, often putting him on the spot. Though she doesn't necessarily intend to be harsh, her priority is to put practicality first, disregarding emotions in the process.

At first, when Evann tries to get her to open up to the party more (even to her fellow Arcadians Jaid and Titto), she is often reluctant and unwilling to do so, claiming a soldier has no reason to do such things. Over time, she gradually does show more of her non-soldier side, though her history of being trained to fight does not make a very good topic of conversation, stating "All I have are war stories" to Evann. During the extra epilogue portion of the game, she continues to open up and smile more often too. During the final scenes in the epilogue, she wants to become someone Evann can look at more, blushing all the while (implying she has developed feelings for him).


First encountered after the Gale Ruins are neutralized, Lutina and her squad of Arcadian soldiers attack the party, demanding they hand over the Elemental Slabs. When defeated and restrained by the team, she continues to lash out at them, calling Jaid a traitor when he tries to talk sense into her. She explains that Arcada's scholars have been examining the neutralised ruins, and that the Slabs - previously believed to be of little use - are dangerous articles that shouldn't be in the hands of the Nortis Army. But by this point it is too late, as the Slabs have already been handed over to Kroitz and Specto, who proceed to use them to open Starry Corridor in pursuit of Evol.

When taken back with the team to Locca, Lutina places the blame for the opening of Starry Corridor on Diene, who she promptly attacks with her dagger. Though Evann tells her to back off, she tells Diene she will "make her pay" regardless. After the truth of what Kroitz and Specto are actually up to is uncovered, Evann asks Lutina to join the party and help stop them.

Lutina follows Evann around for a short while during the visit to Escarre after the first Venom Ruins visit. Here the two of them uncover the ancient mural hidden behind the army's facility, where they are attacked by Kroitz's personal guard. Like Diene, Lutina can participate in Evann's conversations with NPCs for this portion of the story.


Lutina is the last member to join the party and is essentially Evann's counterpart (each of the other characters are a counterpart of another based on their abilities and Egg/Book setup). She is fast and agile, making her skilled at evading enemy attacks with little to no effort. Like Evann, she can equip three Mana Eggs and three Skill Books, reflecting an all-round build and adaptability to any setup. Her magic ability is above average as is her strength, so she has no trouble filling a specific role in the party. Lutina's Combo and Critical attacks are different from each other, a trait she shares with Titto (though his are the opposite). Her Combo is two strikes at close range, but her Critical involves her tossing her dagger during a flip from a moderate distance away. This makes Lutina very effective at cancelling enemy moves and spells easily. Her special moves consist of a multi-hit cancel (the famous Dragon Rise), a multi-hit proximity move (the deadliest and most effective proximity move in the game), a fan-shaped move that causes the Stop status ailment to several targets, another fan-shaped move that causes a good amount of damage, and a more powerful version of Dragon Rise. Due to this, Lutina is very good at handling mobs, especially when geared for evasion and species-specific skills. She is all about inflicting multiple strikes to stagger and destroy her targets, so setting her up with Asura Spirit would be deadly in her hands. Unfortunately, she is on the more fragile end of the characters in both physical and magical defense, though she does have access to some decent armor, and shines when she is set up to evade and counter.


  • Dragon Rise - Lutina dashes quickly to her enemy and performs three slashes followed by a final finishing slash, leaping away safely. Cancel effect
  • Shockwave Slash - Lutina gives warning as she slashes the air around her with her dagger three times in a circular motion, hitting any enemies in proximity with the turbulence she causes.
  • Spider Net - Lutina focuses power into the tip of her dagger and sends out a fan-shaped web of energy, inflicting the stop status ailment on multiple enemies. Stop effect
  • Meteor Slash - Lutina forms a ring of energy daggers around her which she then collects into her hand and hurls forward in a fan-shaped sweep to strike multiple targets.
  • Dragon Mirage - Lutina focuses and creates two duplicates of herself, who are positioned around a target to form a triangle. On her command, she and her replicas then charge at the enemy and do a collective Dragon Rise on the helpless recipient.


  • Double Dragon, Lutina + Evann - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Dancing Attack, Lutina + Jaid - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Aero Slash, Lutina + Titto - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Wind elemental damage.
  • Sacred Beam, Lutina + Carmyne - Carmyne and Lutina charge beams of light energy that cause a shockwave across the battlefield. Damages all enemy targets.
  • Freezing Dust, Lutina + Myam - Myam charges Lutina's dagger with the power of ice, allowing her to summon a wave of Blizzard energy that hits all targets. The animation for this move is very similar to that of the Crackling spell from Grandia II.
  • Fast Dance Whirl, Lutina + Evann + Carmyne - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Delta Formation, Lutina + Evann + Jaid - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Photon Shower, Lutina + Evann + Titto - Damages all enemy targets.
  • Star Twinkle, Lutina + Carmyne + Myam - Similar to Liete's Star Symphony and Tio's Whisper to the Stars, Carmyne, Myam and Lutina use the power of the stars to raise the entire party's stats.
  • Rapid Fire, Lutina + Evann + Myam - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Requiem Force, Lutina + Titto + Jaid - The Arcadian team summons energy that lowers the stats of all enemies.
  • Gatling Spike, Lutina + Evann + Titto + Myam - Powerful multiple hit combo.

Lutina and Ulk do not share any Feats whatsoever. Lutina and Brandol do not share any Feats either.

Battle Strategy (Boss)[]

Lutina appearing alongside her Arcadian Soldiers

Lutina is flanked by multiple Arcada Soldiers, which you will want to take out first. You'll need to keep an eye on her while wasting them; she's fast, which makes her tricky to cancel, and her Moves can deal quite a bit of damage. Wiping her guards and leaving her by herself will give her the ability to warp and avoid your combos, but it's worthwhile not to be distracted by the multiple targets. Conserving your SP to unload on her at this stage is a good idea, since she can't dodge Moves. Naturally magic works well against her as well.


Lutina's English voice is provided by Lisa Loeb, a famous singer-songwriter and actress. Like Dean Cain's role as Evann, this is the first and only time she has voiced an anime character in a JRPG.

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