The entrance from the harbour into Mendi

Mendi City is a large market town built on the coast. It is where Schmidt has his workshop.

Stores in MendiEdit

General Store - EquipmentEdit

Item Stats Description Buy
Sword III Flame Sword +18 ATK Created by a fire spirit. Fire-based. Use weapon: Cause fire damage. 600 G
Staff III Flame Rod +22 ATK Covered by eternal flames. Fire-based. Use weapon: Cause fire damage. 360 G
Staff III Mage Staff +18 ATK, +15 MAG Used by mages to help focus their magical talents. 950 G
Staff III Iron Rod +40 ATK This rod is made of iron and is rather heavy. 1180 G
Armor III Chain Mail +14 DEF A suit of armor made from woven metal chains. 320 G
Light Armor III Breastplate +18 DEF A simple piece of armor made from normal metal. 680 G
Robe III Leather Duster +12 DEF, +6 RES A robe made from oiled leather. 260 G
Cloak III Quilted Silk +16 DEF, +16 RES A silk dress popular in the highlands. 1080 G
Shoes III Bold Boots +2 INI, +2 MOV These boots are standard equipment for all adventurers. 180 G
Shoes III Iron Leggings +4 INI, +4 MOV Leggings made of iron. 480 G
Ring III Fire Ring - Weakens the power of fire attacks. Halves fire-based damage. 250 G
Ring III Water Ring - Weakens the power of water attacks. Halves water-based damage. 250 G
Charm III Poison Amulet - This amulet protects the bearer from poison. Prevents poison. 600 G
Charm III Sleep Amulet - This amulet keeps the bearer awake and alert. 400 G

General Store - ConsumablesEdit

Item Range Description Buy
Herb III Healing Herb One Ally A plant with mild healing properties. Restores 300 HP. 4 G
Potion III Wound Salve One Ally Apply to wounds to promote healing. Restores 600 HP. 12 G
Herb III Cure Herb All Allies An herb that heals nearby allies. Restores 500 HP. 30 G
Potion III Revival Potion One Ally Brings an ally back from death's door. Revives one ally with 50% HP. 40 G
Herb III Antidote One Ally A medicinal herb that counteracts the effects of poison. Cures poison. 8 G
Herb III Torte's Reedpipe All Allies Emits an invigorating aroma that wakes people up. Cures sleep. 4 G
Bomb III Cherry Bomb Circle around Enemy Explodes when thrown. Non-elemental damage. Power: 160. 6 G
Bomb III Grenade Circle around Enemy A powerful explosive. Non-elemental damage. Power: 720. 100 G

Magic Shop - SpellsEdit

Spell Power Range Description Buy
Fire III Burn! ☆☆ One Enemy Send a fireball at the enemy. Fire damage. 60 G
Earth III Burnstrike ☆☆☆ One Enemy Send a flock of firebirds flying at the enemy. Fire damage. 240 G
Earth III Diggin' - All Allies Call on the power of the earth for protection. +DEF and +RES (temporary). 100 G
Water III Heal One Ally Summon the mist of life to slightly heal an ally. Restores HP. 60 G
Water III Healer ☆☆☆ One Ally Summon the mist of benevolence to heal an ally. Restores HP. 240 G
Water III Snooze - All Enemies Envelop enemies in a sleep-inducing foam. Puts enemies to sleep. 180 G
Wind III Howl Circle around Enemy Summon a strong wind. Wind damage. 80 G
Wind III Howlslash ☆☆ Line through Enemy Summon a mighty gale. Wind damage. 300 G

Skill Shop - SkillsEdit

Skill Skill Level Description Buy
Mind III Guru's Way 1 Taught to all magic users. +MAG and +RES. 100 G
Mind III Absorb Magic 1 Converts magic to mana. Regain MP when hit by magic. 60 G
Technique III Perception 1 Tones reflexes. Increases dodge rate. 60 G
Technique III Counter 1 Increases alertness. Gives chance for counter-attacks. 80 G
Technique III Beast Hunter 2 By a famous hunter. Increases damage to beasts. 240 G
Body III Warrior's Way 1 Known by any warrior. +ATK and +DEF. 100 G
Body III Mighty Blow 1 Teaches enemy weaknesses. Strengthens cancel effect. 80G
Body III Passive Defense 1 Teaches how to break a fall. Reduces IP damage. 60 G
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