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"If you want something, then earn it! It’s not that hard! If you’re a cheater, you’ll never be anything BUT a loser!"

Miranda is Yuki's mother, though Yuki refers to her by her first name. She knows her son, whom she has raised for long without father, inside and out. She is very supportive of him, and often speaks well of him to Alfina for his benefit.

Miranda accompanies the two friends on their journey to the mainland—at first to Yuki's deficit, crashing his plane when she sneaks aboard. But she always shows to be a very caring mother, and with Alonso's own advice as an experienced adventurer, grows to be supportive as she watches her son grow up and spread his wings.

Having formed something of a connection with Alonso, she ends up joining him on his journey to complete his personal map of the world.


Miranda wields two daggers in battle and has above average magic skills. From the start, she'll probably be your quickest and strongest player, at least before Alonso comes along and Yuki bulks up in strength and HP. One of her two skills is earth-based and her cancel attack hits multiple times. Her Force Slash is quite powerful, damaging everything directly in front of her while Dagger Dash destroys most early enemies with one use. In regards to her magic prowess, she can be either a great healer or a backup offensive mage behind Alfina. Miranda also moves around quite swiftly in battle, so she's particularly good at dodging attacks and reaching her foes before they do the same.

Special Moves[]

Due to the fact that she leaves early in the game, Miranda obtains only two special moves, both learned by default.

Name Description Target Power SP Cost
Dagger Dash Unleash a series of dagger strikes. Non-elemental. Cancels enemy attack. Single (ATK) ☆☆ 25
Force Slash Send a wave of blade strikes barreling through the ground. Earth damage. Fan (ATK) ☆☆☆ 40

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