The town of Mirumu from above

Mirumu is an odd little town nestled within a mountain range. It has some very superstitious residents. Buildings and pathways are of stone construction and thorned plants are dotted throughout the town.

The landmass upon which Mirumu is built was once the sea floor, which was raised above sea level during the formation of the Granacliffs. As a result, many of the village structures are made from shells and other remnants from the ocean floor. In addition, the area cannot grow suitable lumber for construction, hence the widespread use of stone.


Inn - A comfy inn run by the innkeeper Irena who lives there with her son Nicolas.

General Store - Restock and upgrade you items here.

Town Hall - The gathering place for all the locals - it is often used for other functions as well.

Fissure - A mysterious fissure which leads deep underground that houses the Seal of Granas - sealed the Eye of Valmar.

Sandra's House - a cottage where Aira and Sandra live that is notably distanced from other houses and is right near the fissure.

Mayor's House - a cottage where the mayor resides.

Mirumu General StoreEdit


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Sword II Swordfish Sword +52 ATK Made from a swordfish 2200 G
Staff II Oracle's Staff +50 ATK [Cures confusion] 1800 G
Crossbow II Flying Fish Bow +55 ATK Good on birds 2400 G
Knife II Flint Knife +48 ATK Knife made of obsidian 2000 G
Axe II Hammer Axe +52 ATK Huge axe used by strongmen 2200 G


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Robe II Pixie's Robe +26 DEF Sleep/confusion resistance 2600 G
Heavy Armor II Swordfish Armor +30 DEF Swordfish scale mail 2800 G
Cap II Feathered Hat +18 DEF With waterfowl feather 1120 G
Tiara II Magnolia Bandana +16 DEF Level 1 earth resistance 1080 G
Helm II Swordfish Helmet +20 DEF Swordfish scale helmet 1250 G
Shoe II Crampons +4 MOV Level 2 blizzard resistance 420 G


Weapon Stats Description Buy
Cape II Arctic Cape +10 DEF Level 3 blizzard resistance 800 G
Charm II Earth Charm - Level 5 earth resistance 400 G
Charm II Poison Charm - Poison resistance 250 G
Charm II Paralysis Charm - Paralysis resistance 250 G


Item Range Description Buy
Leaf II Medicinal Herb One Ally Restores 200 HP 10 G
Tonic II Wound Salve One Ally Restores 400 HP 24 G
Leaf II Healing Herb All Allies Restores 250 HP 50 G
Leaf II Poison Antidote One Ally Cures poison 14 G
Tonic II Paralysis Salve One Ally Cures paralysis 14 G
Leaf II Purifying Herb One Ally Cures poison and paralysis 40 G
Leaf II Torte's Reedpipe Some Allies Awakens sleeping characters 30 G
Tonic II Smelling Salts One Ally Cures confusion 20 G


Item Range Description Buy
Leaf II Lumir Flower One Ally Restores 25 MP 40 G
Apple II Blueberry One Ally Restores 25 SP 40 G
Bomb II Mogay Bomb Some Foes Power: 500 IP damage effect 250 G
Bomb II Insecticide Bomb One Foe Power: 650 Fire-based Good vs. bugs 60 G
Harp II Sleeping Harp Some Foes Sleep effect Might break 250 G
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