Artwork of a male Mogay holding a carrot


Mogay (モゲ族) are a distinct species in the first Grandia characterized by their striking resemblance to rabbits. Even though they are frail, Mogay are very intelligent and can often live to be quite old. Some can be so intelligent that it is rumored they can foresee the future of particular people.

Although many Mogay can be found travelling all over the continent and beyond, they mostly live in Zil Padon in a distinct region of the town. They live in burrow-like houses built into the walls of the town.

Mogay are disliked by some because of their appearance as devious and money-grubbing but are often trusted with roles of authority within Zil Padon for similar reasons and often find themselves as the peacekeepers between the Rafane and the Alqada settlers in Zil Padon.

Notable MogayEdit

Guido Content Guido - The mayor of the Mogay people and a travelling salesman. He meets the party on several occasions and eventually joins them for a brief period.

GinaExpressionless Gina - A young female Mogay that often assists the mayor. She has a thing about Justin and his red hair.


  • Though they only actually appear in the original Grandia, there are some items and equipment that are named for them in other titles in the series (such as Mogay Bombs and Mogay Clothes), though this is strictly tongue-in-cheek reference as many RPG series are prone to doing.
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