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"Hey, I've got an idea! Let's go get something yummy to eat!"

Myam (ミャム) is a young Hazman, who joins Evann's team as she wants to aid those who are at risk from the Elemental Disorder. She is always full of energy, very enthusiastic but often impatient.

Appearance and Personality[]

Myam has wild, spiky red hair and appears slightly tanned in her portraits. Her eyes are green in-game but blue in the official art. She has long ears and an almost cat-like face. As a Hazman she bears resemblance to the humanoid races from the first Grandia game. She wears a green dress with fringed edges, a fur collar and a red shoulder guard. She also wears brown knee-high boots and greyish-coloured arm guards. Her bow has a static design and appears to be made from a curved piece of wood.

Myam is often times very naive and innocent, but is highly intelligent when it comes to the ruins. She feels odd inside the military bases and cities, preferring the outdoors, especially the forest. Not knowing a lot about technology, she is amazed at the Nortis Army's many machines. She is generally cheerful a lot of the time and can be considered the party's mood-maker. She also has a good sense of humor when the situation calls for it. Despite her small stature she has a big appetite, and loves to eat fish most of all.


Where exactly Myam lived in Hazma prior to her involvement in the mission to end the Elemental Disorder is unknown. Her grandmother, however, lived in a small town in an area called Whirlwhind Peak, situated towards the border with Nortis, where she worked as a teacher. This town was devastated by the Wind Disorder caused by the Gale Ruins, and Myam's grandmother was killed in the destruction that ultimately left the town deserted.

Myam joins Evann's group after the Land Ruins are explored for the first time. She feels it is her duty to help defend her homeland, and figure out why there are disturbances. Because of what happened at the Gale Ruins, she insists on joining the party for the first visit there. She must be taken along and cannot be removed from the party for this segment.


Myam is the other power mage of Grandia Xtreme. Her magic power is quite high and she is on par with Jaid and Evann for the position of best spell-caster. She wields a bow and arrows for combat, so like Titto she prefers distance. She can't fire off arrows as quickly as Titto throws his knives, but she can still be great at keeping an opponent off balance from afar, plus she can never be subject to the Repel skill some monsters possess later on. In some ways, her combat setup is similar to Millenia from Grandia II. Myam equips four Mana Eggs and two Skill Books like her counterpart Jaid, and is really at home with spellcasting from the back lines. She specializes in ice attacks and supports her allies with two of her special moves. Due to her light armor restrictions, Myam is a tad on the brittle side of defense, and neither her attack or hit points climb to substantial numbers. Her speed value is also unusually low, so her turn doesn't come often. In addition, the time it takes for her to ready an arrow to shoot leaves her vulnerable to Counters quite often, which means Evann and the others have to keep the enemy distracted to give her a clear shot. Her Critical is also very slow to set up as she pulls the string on her bow back very taut before firing. On the other hand, her second special move allows you to save on using items and spells as it heals the whole party for a healthy amount during battles. If used effectively, she can not only level up her move to heal more, but she can also keep the party at full strength throughout a dungeon excursion at all times. Her fourth special move can also help get slower party members their turns more quickly if used strategically. It is recommended that she be equipped with skills that raise her defense abilities and speed.


  • Spinning Wheel - Myam jumps into the air and happily comes spinning toward her target like a wheel. Her wheel motion emits a swirling column of energy on both sides of her, making this move affect a line of enemies at once. Cancel effect
  • Recover All - Myam goes into her chanting pose and sends out a brief wave of healing power to the entire party, healing about as much as a First Aid Kit item. Despite that it looks like a spell, it is a physical special move so it relies on Myam's attack power to determine the healing amount.
  • Hail Shower - Myam twirls an ice-charged arrow and aims it toward the sky with her bow. She fires it, falling down flat on her face after spinning around while the arrow ascends. When the arrow reaches its optimum height in the air, it breaks off into a storm of smaller ice arrows which rain down multiple times on a circular area below. Larger targets seem to be dealt more hits. Ice elemental
  • Cheer Up - With a shout of encouragement, Myam sends out a trio of stars to one of her allies. The stars imbue that ally with power and push their turn marker on the IP gauge closer to the command portion. IP increase
  • Super Frosty Attack - In a rare display of anger, Myam channels ice power into her entire body to perform a freezing version of Spinning Wheel. She hits the target once going through them, which causes them to be frozen in a large ice crystal, and then comes down from above to shatter the construct to pieces. Ice elemental


  • Swallow Smash, Myam + Evann - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Sirene Slash, Myam + Brandol - Myam charges Brandol's sword with the power of ice. He leaps into the air and smashes his sword on a target, similar to his Eruption Slash animation. Blizzard elemental.
  • Ice Prison, Myam + Carmyne - Multiple hit melee combo with a cancel effect. Ice elemental damage.
  • Twin Shot, Myam + Titto - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Droplets of Life, Myam + Ulk - The Hazmans summon the power of the forest to fully heal the entire party, including status disorders.
  • Freezing Dust, Myam + Lutina - Myam charges Lutina's dagger with the power of ice, allowing her to summon a wave of Blizzard energy that hits all targets. The animation for this move is very similar to that of the Crackling spell from Grandia II.
  • Tripler, Myam + Evann + Brandol - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Jet Storm, Myam + Evann + Carmyne - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Wind elemental damage.
  • Binding Force, Myam + Evann + Titto - Evann, Titto and Myam surround a target with a triangle of energy, casting a Binder effect.
  • Southern Cross, Myam + Evann + Ulk - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect. Blizzard elemental damage.
  • Rapid Fire, Myam + Evann + Lutina - Multiple hit combo with a cancel effect.
  • Star Twinkle, Myam + Carmyne + Lutina - Similar to Liete's Star Symphony, Carmyne, Myam and Lutina use the power of the stars to raise the entire party's stats.
  • Gatling Spike, Myam + Evann + Titto + Lutina - Powerful multiple hit combo.

Myam and Jaid do not share any Feats whatsoever.


  • Myam is similar in many ways to Millenia of Grandia II. They both are proficient in spellcasting and utilize bows/crossbows to strike from far away.
  • Interestingly enough, Myam's appetite is even bigger than Ulk's as she consumes twice as much food as he does during lunch breaks.
  • Her name is misprinted in the World Guidance Book as Myamm. It's unknown if this was the intial spelling of her name or just an error.

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