Rafane Family
The Rafane are a race of humanoids from Grandia. Rafanes live in the bustling town of Zil Padon on the East Elencia continent. The Rafane, along with the Mogay and the Alqada live in Zil Padon together but are known to be hostile to one another. The Rafane are the richest of the three races in Zil Padon but are often seen as snobs, especially by the people of Alqada.


The Rafane people originally lived in their own village but were forced to move to Zil Padon after their home was turned to stone by Gaia prior to the party coming to Elencia. The location of their village is unknown but it is somewhere in the vicinity of Zil Padon. The Rafane now live in their own third of Zil Padon separate from the Mogay and Alqada sub-towns.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The Rafane people appear very similar to other humanoids from Elencia, they have pointed ears sprouting from the side of their heads. The Rafane have a keen eye for good quality products which has often lead to friction between them and the salespeople of Alqada.

Notable RafaneEdit