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The party enters Raflid after crashing nearby

Raflid Town is a snowy village in the Raflid Alps. It is a popular place for expert pilots to show off their skills.

Stores in Raflid[]

General Store - Equipment[]

Item Stats Description Buy
Sword III.png Falchion +78 ATK This sword has a curved, single-edged blade. 15000 G
Cards III.png Queen's Cards +55 ATK, +66 MAG Greatly increase the user's magical abilities. 13200 G
Armor III.png Heavy Mail +78 DEF Very heavy metal armor. Cannot be knocked back. 12000 G
Robe III.png Robes of Light +72 DEF, +36 RES A set of priceless robes woven from shining thread. 9800 G
Shoes III.png Heavy Leggings +12 INI, +12 MOV Although slightly heavy, these leggings fit perfectly. 6800 G
Heels III.png Witch's Pumps +18 INI These wooden pumps are favored by witches everywhere. 960 G
Belt III.png Peerless Belt +25 ATK This belt gives the wearer unmatched fighting power. 10000 G
Badge III.png Knowledge Medal +25 MAG This medal is given only to the wisest of sages. 10000 G
Charm III.png Diamond Badge +25 DEF This badge makes the wearer as hard as diamonds. 10000 G
Charm III.png Goddess Amulet +25 RES Engraved with a picture of a goddess. 1200 G

General Store - Consumables[]

Item Range Description Buy
Potion III.png Rez Potion One Ally A potion that greatly heals anyone who drinks it. Restores 1800 HP. 320 G
Gem III.png Healing Gem All Allies A gemstone that soothes everyone nearby. Restores 1500 HP. 800 G
Potion III.png Revival Elixir One Ally This elixir awakens the will to fight. Revives one ally with 100% HP. 240 G
Potion III.png Panacea One Ally Can cure any ailment. Cures poison, sleep, paralysis, confusion, silence, and sickness. 120 G
Bomb III.png Nitro Circle around Enemy Has incredible power. Non-elemental damage. Power: 1600. 600 G
Bomb III.png Big Time Bomb Circle around Enemy A powerful bomb. Non-elemental damage. Power: 1800. 360 G
Gem III.png Icefang Stone Fan through Enemy A stone that seems to emit waves of could energy. Casts Diamond Dust. 250 G
Gem III.png Lightning Stone Fan through Enemy Sparkles with the power of lightning. Casts Zap All. 250 G

Magic Shop - Spells[]

Spell Power Range Description Buy
Fire III.png Hellburner ☆☆☆☆☆ One Enemy Call forth the flames of hell. Fire damage. 900 G
Earth III.png WOW! - Circle around Ally Fill the heart of an ally with fighting spirit. Temporarily increases ATK. 400 G
Earth III.png Quake ☆☆☆☆ All Allies Trigger a major earthquake. Earth damage. 1000 G
Earth III.png Halvah - One Ally Restores a balance with nature. Cures poison, sleep, paralysis, confusion, silence, and sickness. 240 G
Earth III.png Resurrect - One Ally Summon the water of life to restore the will to fight. Resurrects a dead ally. 400 G
Water III.png Healer+ ☆☆☆☆☆ One Ally Summon a mysterious mist to greatly heal an ally. Restores HP. 900 G
Wind III.png Howlnado ☆☆☆☆ Circle around Enemy Summon a whirlwind. Wind damage. Effect: Confusion. 1000 G
Wind III.png Fiora - Circle around Enemy Prevent enemies from using spells or special moves. Silences the enemy. 480 G

Skill Shop - Skills[]

Skill Skill Level Description Buy
Mind III.png Absorb Magic 1 Converts magic to mana. Regain MP when hit by magic. 60 G
Mind III.png Fire Mastery 2 Master of fire magic. Reduces MP cost of fire spells. 1500 G
Mind III.png Earth Mastery 2 Master of earth magic. Reduces MP cost of earth spells. 1500 G
Technique III.png Jolt Counter 1 A strong counter-attack. Increases counter-attack damage. 100 G
Body III.png Mighty Blow 1 Teaches enemy weaknesses. Strengthens cancel effect. 80 G
Body III.png Reflect 2 Use the enemy's power. Reflects back 10% of damage. 800 G
Body III.png Fighting Spirit 2 Increases fighting spirit. Increases SP regeneration. 800 G