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Raven is the former chief of the Baccula, close friend of Emelious and Dahna's lover.


Sometime before the game's events, he travels with Emelious to the Verse Realm. Hect shows them the remnants of Xorn's temple and all that is left of Xorn; a nail. Emelious sees this as his chance and reaches for the nail. Raven tries to stop Emelious from grabbing Xorn's nail, but fails. Later, during the game, he is first seen cornering Alfina. He tries to dissuade her from looking for Emelious, as he knows that Emelious has been corrupted by Xorn's power. He is then attacked by Yuki and Miranda, but shrugs off the joint attack and continues talking to Alfina. He then teleports away. He is seen at various other parts of the game.


Raven is very calm and collected. His cool demeanour is probably why he was chief of his village. He is deeply loyal to his friends, even the ones that betray him. Despite being the leader of the Bacculan, he prefers to go on his journey alone, probably because of the guilt he felt over not being able to stop Emelious from rebelling.


Raven wields two rapier-like blades in each hand and is an extremely proficient swordsman, able to go toe-to-toe with Emelious. He also has unmentioned teleportation and/or levitation powers.

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